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InSinkErator Badger 1 vs 100 vs 1XL: Are They Different?

Badger 1, Badger 100 and Badger 1XL are entry-level garbage disposal models made by InSinkErator. All of them are 1/3 HP rated. Are there any differences between them?

Badger 1, 100, and 1XL have the same specifications, but Badger 100 is exclusively available to HomeDepot, and Badger 1XL is exclusively made for Lowes. Badger 1 comes with an optional power cord, but the other two don’t.

Badger 1Badger 100Badger 1XL
Sold everywhereSold only at HomeDepotSold only at Lowes
Optional power cordNo power cordNo power cord
1/3 HP motor1/3 HP motor1/3 HP motor
Continuous feed typeContinuous feed typeContinuous feed type
1-year warranty1-year warranty1-year warranty
26 oz capacity26 oz capacity26 oz capacity
InSinkErator Badger 1 vs 100 vs 1XL

Due to their exclusivity, the prices of these three models are slightly different.

Let’s see more about these two garbage disposals in detail;

Badger 1

Badger 1 is an InSinkErator garbage disposal powered by a 1/3 HP motor. This motor is an induction motor. It runs at a speed of 1725 RPM.

Badger 1 garbage disposal
Badger 1 garbage disposal

This is a continuous feed type garbage disposal ie, you can feed food wastes into it while it is running. There is another type called batch feed, where the disposer has to be covered by a cover before running it to make it safer to use. The good thing about continuous feed type disposals is that you can dispose of food waste without waiting to fill it up again.

The grinding components of Badger 1 are made of galvanized steel. Even though this metal is durable, it is not as resistant as stainless steel to water. However, it got two swivel lugs which are made of stainless steel. Swivel lugs are small hammer-like components of the grinding system which freely move around its axis. When the motor is running, it throws the food wastes onto the garbage disposal walls, where it gets cut into smaller pieces.

As mentioned above, Badger 1 is an entry-level garbage disposer. So it is priced cheap, and so are its features. It has only the basic features needed for a garbage disposal; it does its job, that’s all. It doesn’t come with any noise insulations or anti-jamming technologies. However, it got a reset button and a hex hole on its bottom side, which are used to unjam it.

The installation of Badger 1 is pretty easy. It is mounted on the sink using a 3-bolt mounting assembly. This 3-bolt mounting assembly is a simple twist and lock mechanism to secure the garbage disposal in position. It is used in all InSinkErator models and they are all interchangeable.

Like I mentioned before, Badger 1 comes with an optional, preinstalled power cord. This makes the installation easier if you have a power outlet under the sink. However, if you don’t have one, the easier option is to buy it without the power cord, and then hardwire it to the mains.

This garbage disposal also comes with a sink baffle and sink flange. The sink flange is made of stainless steel. The sink baffle sits inside the sink flange; however, it cannot be removed through the drain hole once the installation is complete. This makes it difficult to clean their undersides which often have food waste sticking to them.

Badger 1 is covered by a 1-year warranty which covers all costs of labor and parts if the machine fails under the warranty period. This is an underpowered garbage disposal and it cannot dispose of any tough food wastes. This is a good choice for those who don’t cook every day, like students and singles.

Badger 100

Badger 100 is an exact replica of Badger 1 except for the sticker on it. The fact that it cannot be bought with a power cord, and its exclusive availability in HomeDepot cannot be said as differences, but that is all their differences are.

Badger 100 garbage disposal
Badger 100 garbage disposal

Like Badger 1 and 1XL, Badger 100 is powered by the same 1/3 HP motor that runs at 1725 RPM. Even though it doesn’t come with any noise insulations, its induction motor’s noise is more pleasant to hear than that from a permanent magnet motor. As you know, 1725 RPM is not a lot of speed; the competing brand Waste King has their garbage disposals running at 2700 RPM! However, these two garbage disposal models can grind all disposer-friendly food wastes.

This is a continuous feed-type garbage disposal just like Badger 1. It also uses the same 3-bolt assembly for its installation. This 3-bolt assembly is made of stainless steel which is more reliable than the plastic-type EZ mounting used in many competing brands.

The dimensions of Badger 1, 1XL and 100 are the same; they measure 11.5 inches in height and 6.3125 inches in overall width. Therefore, both of them have the same chamber capacity of 26 oz, i.e., you can cram that much amount of food waste into them. This value is not significant as these are continuous feed disposals; however, it also tells you not to cram a lot of food wastes at once.

Like I mentioned before, Badger 100 doesn’t come with a pre-installed power cord. You can buy a power cord separately but you will have to connect it to the disposal manually. The reason InSinkErator doesn’t give power cords with their units is to reduce cost. A power cord will cost some bucks extra, which is added to the final price of the disposer. If the buyer already has a power cord, possibly from an old disposal that he is replacing, then he isn’t forced to pay that extra money, however small it may be.

Just like Badger 1 and 1XL, Badger 100 also comes with a stainless steel sink flange and a non-removable sink baffle. Both units also have a dishwasher connector. You can also find a hex hole and a reset button at the bottom side of this garbage disposal.

Badger 100 comes with a 1-year warranty which covers all costs of its parts and labor if the machine fails due to manufacturing defects. This unit is an apt choice for small households and dorms.

Badger 1XL

Badger 1XL is exactly the same as Badger 1 garbage disposal except that it is sold exclusively through Lowes. Another difference from Badger 1 is that Badger 1XL doesn’t have a power cord, and its pricing is also slightly different.

InSinkErator Badger 1XL garbage disposal

Other than these, everything about Badger 1, 1XL, and 100 is the same, so I have no intention of writing more about Badger 1XL here.

I hope this article helps; if it does, feel free to share it with your friends.

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