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Badger 900 vs Badger 5XP Garbage Disposals Compared

Badger 5XP and Badger 900 garbage disposals are very similar in their size and specifications which makes it a nightmare for people to choose one from them. To make this easier let’s see the differences between them.

The main difference between Badger 900 and Badger 5XP is the warranty coverage and construction. Badger 900 has a warranty of 6-years whereas Badger 5XP is covered only for 4-years. The grinding components of Badger 900 are made of Stainless steel whereas that of Badger 5XP is Galvanized Steel.

Here is the list of all the differences, including minor ones, between InSinkErator Badger 5XP and 900;

Specifications Badger 5XP Badger 900
Overall width 6.3125 inches 6.75 inches
Construction Galvanized steel Stainless steel
Exclusive product No Yes
Warranty 4-years 6-years
Design More old style Modern design
Differences between Badger 5XP and Badger 900

Differences between Badger 900 and Badger 5XP: Detailed comparison

First, let me tell you why you are here. Both garbage disposals we discuss here have the same motor power; 3/4 HP. And on the surface they all seem the same, so you are wondering what the differences between these two garbage disposal units are and which one of them to buy.

Differences between Badger 900 and Badger 5XP

Badger 900 is a bit wider than Badger 5XP

The overall dimensions of Badger 900 and Badger 5XP are very similar. Both of them have a height of 12.625 inches. However, the width of Badger 900 at its wider section is 6.75 inches while that of Badger 5XP is 6.3125 inches. This difference is hard to notice, and their widths have no effect on their performance.

Comparison of the dimensions of Badger 900 with 5XP garbage disposals
Badger 900 is a bit wider than 5XP

Actually, this wider section is just a plastic shroud that you can remove. Without this shroud, Badger 900 looks exactly the same as Badger 5XP and Badger 500.

Whether wider or shorter, both units process the same type of foods at the same speeds. There is no difference in the ease of installation or compactness that matters. Even though Badger 5XP is slightly thinner we can’t say it is more compact than Badger 900 in a practical sense.

Badger 900 have better construction than Badger 5XP

Even though both garbage disposals are very similar Badger 900 is a step ahead of Badger5XP in build quality. Its grinding components like shredder ring, swivel lugs, etc are made of Stainless Steel which is very resistant to rust and corrosion where as those of Badger 5XP are made of Galvanized steel which is not as durable as stainless steel.

The same is the case with their grinding chambers. The grinding chamber of Badger 900 is made of Stainless steel whereas that of Badger 5XP is made of Galvanized Steel.

This difference in build material make Badger 900 more reliable and durable than Badger 5XP.

Badger 5XP is easier to buy than Badger 900

Even though Badger 900 is a very good model in terms of build quality when compared to Badger 5XP, these units are sold only through HomeDepot. So purchasing it will take a visit to the HomeDepot website or a store. On the other hand, Badger 5XP is sold through a number of online marketplaces and physical stores including Amazon and HomeDepot which makes it easy to get a better deal.

Badger 900 has a longer warranty than Badger 5XP

Badger 900 comes with a warranty period that is two years longer than that of Badger 5XP. The former is covered for a period of 6-years whereas the latter is covered for only 4-years. I think this may be due to the difference in their build qualities. As mentioned before Badger 900 is constructed with Stainless steel which is more durable than the galvanized steel construction of Badger 5XP. So it makes sense to give a longer warranty coverage for the former.

However, these warranty coverages are for household use. If they are used in commercial places the warranty coverage for both models are limited to 1-year.

Badger 5XP and 900 looks different

Both garbage disposal models have a lot of features in common but they look very different. in fact, if you haven’t gone through their specifications you wouldn’t know that they are very similar. I think the design of Badger 5XP is a bit outdated while that of Badger 900 looks minimal and modern. The look of Badger 5XP resembles that of Badger 5 (check my Badger 5 review) while Badger 900 looks similar to some premium garbage disposal units. Of course, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but I like the looks of the Badger 900 better.

Similarities between Badger 5XP and Badger 900

There are lots of similarities between the two garbage disposal models. Let’s see what they are;

Specifications Badger 5XP Badger 900
Brand InSinkErator InSinkErator
Power 3/4 HP 3/4 HP
Speed 1725 RPM 1725 RPM
Grind chamber capacity 26 oz 26 oz
Feed type Continuous type Continuous type
Overall height 12.625 inches 12.625 inches
Installation 3-bolt 3-bolt
Power cord Optional Optional
Price $$ $$
View on Amazon View on Amazon
Similarities between Badger 5XP and Badger 900


Both Badger 5XP and 900 have the same grinding power of 3/4 HP. All of them are made by the same company InSinkErator, and so they all share the exact same motor.

Yes, Badger 5XP and Badger 900 garbage disposals are equipped with InSinkErator’s specially designed DuraDrive induction motor which runs at a speed of 1725 RPM. 3/4 HP provides enough power to grind common garbage disposal-friendly food items.

These garbage disposal models are continuous feed-type units where you can simply scrape off food wastes into the units non-stop. Both of them have a chamber capacity of 26oz even though Badger 900 is slightly wider than the other.

These garbage disposals are a good choice for a household with 3-5 people.

Overall height

The overall heights of both Badger 900 and 5XP are the same. They both measure 12.625 inches. When compared to most other models in the 3/4 HP power category these two garbage disposals are very compact in size. Their shorter heights are convenient to be installed under deep kitchen sinks where the space availability is short.


Both Badger 5XP and 900 uses the same mechanism for their installations. They use a 3-bolt assembly that has a twist and lock mechanism.

Here is a video showing the detailed installation of a Badger 900;

By default, both garbage disposal models do not come with power cords. But you have the option to choose a pre-installed power cord at an additional cost. I always prefer a disposer with a power cord as I dislike tinkering with electrical connections. So for me having preinstalled power cords makes the installation much easier.


Even though the prices of both models are never the same they are more or less the same. There may be a difference of a few bucks but nothing enough to alter a buying decision.

Can you replace a Badger 5XP with 900?

Yes, you can replace a Badger 5XP with a Badger 900 and vice versa since both of them share the same dimensions and mounting assembly.

The difficulty in replacing a garbage disposal with another is often with the plumbing. In many cases, the position of the drain pipes needs to be changed to suit the new garbage disposal model.

But in the case of Badger 900 and Badger 5XP, the drain pipe position is the same. Moreover, they both use the same 3-bolt assembly for mounting. This makes it really simple to swap one disposer model with the other.

Which is a better choice: Badger 900 or Badger 5XP?

Badger 900 is a better garbage disposal than 5XP. The 900 model is one step ahead of the 5XP in terms of build quality and warranty. Both of them are priced very close. So I don’t see any reason to buy Badger 5XP when you can get a better garbage disposal at the same price.

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