General Electric GFC1020N Review

Given below is a review of General Electric GFC1020N garbage disposal.

Have you finally decided to change your garbage disposal? Or is it the first time you will be installing a waste grinding machine beneath your sink? Whichever is the case, you probably would have come across the name General Electric in your search for the ideal garbage disposal. The company General Electric deals in several electronics ranging from different categories. Garbage disposals are not their specialty but they have introduced some units of high value. Today, we shall be reviewing their GFC1020N garbage disposal, which is one of their highest-rated disposals in the market.

All of us want home appliances that deliver the highest level of performance from reliable brands, and the GFC1020N is the perfect example of that. General Electric has made the machine a continuous feed type and equipped it with a powerful 1 HP permanent magnet motor. Now, combine this much grinding power with a speed that goes around 3,500 RPM and you have a machine of substantial value. This makes the GFC1020N one of the most best garbage disposal units in the market. So, without further ado, let us dive deep into the product’s features and discuss them comparatively.

GE GFC1020N Garbage Disposal, Black

Quick Overview

  • 1 HP permanent magnet motor
  • 3500 RPM
  • EZ mount installation
  • Sound Reduction technology
  • Stainless-steel parts

Review of General Electric GFC1020N


As it is already established, a garbage disposal’s true ability lies in its motor. If the motor isn’t capable of handling strong food scraps, then that’s somewhat of a negative point. In the case of GE’s GFC1020N, the machine comes with a 1 HP motor. Generally, motors having a horsepower above 0.75 are considered to be above average in terms of power. Such motors can easily make heavy-duty kitchen waste succumb to their grinding power. Also, the GFC1020N’s motor is a permanent magnet motor which is proven to be more efficient than an induction motor. This tells us that the machine is indeed equipped with an excellent grade in power.

Grinding Performance

What good is a disposal if it lacks in its main purpose which is to grind kitchen waste? General Electronics surely did not hold back in giving the GFC1020N all it needs to grind food waste effectively. As a matter of fact, all of their disposals come with jam-resistant technology that helps the machine eliminate the chances of a probable jam. This feature complements the powerful motor because no matter how strong a disposal can be, the threat of a jam is always there. So, further measures are taken to ensure you don’t have to deal with such malfunctions.


Speed is another factor that should be taken into account while hunting for the ideal garbage disposal. The GFC1020N has scored way above average in regard to speed. It can reach levels of around 3500 revolutions per minute. Note that some of the strongest garbage disposals are incapable of going above 2500 RPM but the GFC1020N has gone way beyond. High speed is definitely a core specialty of the machine. The pace of grinding contributes to trimming down the probability of jams and clogs occurring. To put it straight, the faster a disposal grinds, the better it performs.


Being able to operate the garbage disposal while talking to a friend can be a blessing. Disposal machines generate loads of noise, especially those that boast powerful motors with ½ HP or above. This can be an issue for most homeowners. Thankfully, General Electric has provided the GFC1020N with its own Sound Reduction technology. As the name suggests, it can cut down the overall noise the disposal machine will make. So far, the customer reviews suggest that the GFC1020N is indeed quieter than most garbage disposals.

The updated variant of the GFC1020N has better sound suppression properties. It has a special Quiet Power III foam insulation. Whichever variant of the GFC1020N you go for, loudness should be the least of your worries. 


When you invest in a garbage disposal machine, you expect it to last for a couple of years at least. This cannot happen if the garbage disposal is made from cheap materials that are prone to rust and corrosion. The GFC1020N comes with dual-swivel grinding blades made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is proven to be the most corrosion-resistant material and strong enough to withstand years of hard use. Therefore, you can rest assured that your GFC1020N would easily turn your physical kitchen waste into liquid for a good couple of years. 


Disposals that are easy to install usually get the most positive feedback from customers. General Electric disposals come with an EZ mount installation feature and such is the case with the GFC1020N. Its EZ mount system allows you to simply take off your old disposal and put on your new one. However, this works great only for customers who previously had a garbage disposal installed. For those who are buying their first one, we advise giving the user manual a quick read. The GFC1020N can be easily attached to standard chrome sinks. It won’t take longer than 20-25 minutes. 

Since the GFC1020N does not come with a power cord, you’ll need one for connecting it with the outlet. If you have the power cord of your old disposal then that can be used but if you don’t, you’ll have to buy it separately.


Garbage disposals with motors above 0.75 HP are rarely compact. The body of GFC1020N is indeed a little bit heavy. Specs report weight of around 13 pounds and a height of 14.5 inches. Some customers have reported the unit to be hard to position under the sink during installation due to the weight while the height seems to be around average. Most of the external body of the GFC1020N is made from plastic. This includes the collar that links the disposal with the sink. Many would consider this to be a downside but it’s no big deal if the machine is properly locked into place.

The GFC1020N is ideal for big families that produce an immense amount of waste, which is why the machine comes with a spacious 32 ounces chamber. Most disposals with immense power come with chambers of 30-20 ounces, so, the GFC1020N has lived up to the expectations. In regards to the exterior, we must say that the machine does look quite pleasing. It has a shiny black exterior and mounting lock. Black-colored disposals can look new for years to come thanks to their dark complexion. Disposals with bright-colored exteriors may catch more visible stains and marks with time.

Price and Warranty

Now we come to one of the most important aspects of the GFC1020N, its price. You’ll find this unit to be priced at around $240 on mainstream online marketplaces such as Amazon. Considering the fact that the GFC1020N boasts nothing too special, we have to say that the machine is a bit overpriced. However, it is durable and powerful so you can expect it to be a safe investment. As for its warranty, GE appliances offer the GFC1020N along with a 7-year warranty. The warranty does bring some peace of mind to General Electric’s customers and it’s a feature definitely worth appreciating.

Other Features

Other features of the GFC1020N include a removable splashguard, which can be a big relief in maintaining the machine. GE appliances have also given the term “No Clog Disposal” to this unit. This is because it has Drain Boost technology that handles water clogging effectively. The system comprises a fin that directs the water towards the drain with force, hence increasing the flow of water and preventing clogging. Other than this, the GFC1020N has a manual reset button that can be very helpful in unlikely cases of malfunctions.

The Pros

Now that we have covered the features of the GFC1020N, we believe a list of compelling reasons why you should buy this product would help evaluate its benefits. So, here are the top pros of going for the GFC1020N:

Heavy-duty Performance

The GFC1020N is the complete heavy-duty package. It comes with everything a machine needs to grind rough and tough food scraps without giving in to jams and clogs. Therefore, it’s a perfect pick for large households or workplaces that want their bulk load of waste disposed of regularly. General Appliances have brought forth a powerful contender in the market and it can deal with everything you throw at it.

Isn’t loud

It’s hard to come across a 1 HP garbage disposal that’s capable of staying quiet while it does its job. Such models require special insulation because the motors they have in them emit more noise than your average disposal. Customers are pretty much satisfied with the Sound Reduction technology that GE equipped the GFC1020N with. So, expect no trouble from your big family if you turn on the machine during everyone’s nap time!


We mentioned previously that the GFC1020N’s specialty is its pace of grinding food waste. The machine can easily go up to 3500 RPM! This is indeed a benefit you’ll get from the unit because the faster it grinds, the more waste you can continue giving it. Not to mention the chances of jams and clogs eliminating significantly. Expect the machine’s speed to be of great assistance when you’re short on time and have tons of garbage to get rid of.

7-year Warranty

General Electric is a trusted and reliable brand. It offers 7 years of warranty support to its customers for the GFC1020N. In case of a defect in the machine, they’ll cover it up for you. So, the reliability of the machine is undebatable and the last thing you need to worry about. The GFC1020N can easily last for a decade and beyond with proper maintenance.

Highest-rated GE Disposal

General Electric doesn’t primarily manufacture garbage disposals but this product has gotten some serious positive feedback. Above 75% of the reviews are of 5 stars. This indicates that the performance of the GFC1020N is remarkable. When you buy this disposal, you’re not just trusting the company, but also those customers who positively rooted for this unit.

The Cons

Of course, there are some drawbacks of the GFC1020N that must be highlighted. The following are presumed to be the only cons of the machine. Ensure you can cope with these before buying the product.


There’s no denying that powerful garbage disposals come with an exorbitant price. However, being priced around $240 seems a bit too much for the GFC1020N. Though it is packed with a solid motor, the machine doesn’t have many features that make it truly stand out in the market. It seems that GE is charging slightly more than it should. The GFC1020N’s features are worth the praise, but just not worth $240. You can find a better product from GE’s competitors at the same price.

The body has some Plastic

Garbage disposals can leak and become defective if they’re not handled with care. A notable fraction of customer reviews reported leakage from the GFC1020N. Possible causes include the exterior of the machine having some main parts made of plastic instead of metal. Leakage shouldn’t be an issue for disposals with strong exteriors. However, the GFC1020N requires extra care, especially during installation. Otherwise, you’ll be cleaning a mess under your sink every week.

Should You Go for GFC1020N?

Packed with a powerful motor that offers a speed level high enough to put the Flash to shame, the GFC1020N is undoubtedly a great choice for folks with big kitchens. Despite coming with a price tag that would make many potential customers hesitant, we believe this GE product is worth giving a shot at. It’s backed up by a long warranty and it will serve you well for a decade or so.

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