InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposal Review

This article is a review of InSinkErator Evolution Excel garbage disposal.

InSinkErator’s status in the market of home appliances remains unchallenged and the reason is nothing other than its own products. One of the products brought forth by the company is the Evolution Excel garbage disposal. Today, we shall be going through a detailed review of this product. From the benefits it brings to your kitchen to the drawbacks, all will be discussed. Before we get to that, it’s only fair if we let you in on the background of the company that made Evolution Excel.

InSinkErator was the first-ever garbage disposal company. It has managed to expand rapidly in the US ever since its formation in 1927. The company aimed to manufacture food waste disposers that grind kitchen waste to prevent blockages in drainage pipes and make disposal easy. After merging with engineering company Emerson, InSinkErator grew further on an international level and adopted an environmentally friendly approach. InSinkErator’s machines are of the highest quality, and Evolution Excel is the perfect example of that. 

Before we dive into the features, allow us to introduce you to the product. The Evolution Excel garbage disposal is built to smoothly grind every ounce of your kitchen’s waste. Made out of pure stainless steel, the product’s specialty lies in its highly efficient ability to make almost no sound during operation. However, we believe there are a couple of other specialties that Evolution Excel lets you benefit from. Let us take a look at what the grinder offers:

InSinkErator Evolution Excel garbage disposal

InSinkErator Evolution Excel

  • 1.0 HP motor
  • Stainless steel body
  • SoundSeal Plus technology
  • MultiGrind Plus technology
  • 40 oz. chamber capacity
  • 10 years warranty

What Makes Evolution Excel So Special?

InSinkErator has manufactured countless products over the course of the last eight decades but Evolution Excel is unlike any of them. This kitchen garbage disposal has set the bar too high for InSinkErator’s competitors and for good reasons. So, what exactly makes Evolution Excel worthy of this position? Here is the answer:


Garbage disposals are judged mainly by their ability to grind the garbage that goes into them. If they lack power, then their main purpose is not fulfilled. To give you an idea, most garbage grinders do not go above the level of 0.75 HP. In the case of Evolution Excel, the machine boasts a motor with 1.0 horsepower, which is not only above average but also puts Evolution Excel in a special category. Furthermore, this much horsepower is able to handle massive loads of kitchen garbage produced by big families. We’re talking about homes with around 7-10+ people.

Evolution Excel’s 1.0 horsepower motor can efficiently grind heavy-duty kitchen waste such as bones and hardened vegetables, which are one of the leading causes of sink pipe blockages. InSinkErator topped this feature off with its MultiGrind technology. As the name tells, this technology grinds your waste more than once. With every grind, the chances of waste blockage become thinner and in the case of Evolution Excel, they’re almost zero. This is because the machine puts the garbage through a three-stage grinding process. 

Spacious Chamber

Most garbage grinders do not go above the chamber capacity of 35 oz. Since the Evolution Excel is designed for bigger loads, it also comes with an extraordinary chamber capacity which is 40 oz. Note that this size is one of the biggest in the market, which makes the machine ideal for large volumes of waste disposal at a time. Unlike most machines with plastic chambers, the chamber of Evolution Excel is made from the highest quality of stainless steel. This ensures that the chamber withstands the huge loads of waste that go past it without deteriorating.

Not only do stainless steel chambers prove to be an ideal chamber with their longevity, but they are also anti-corrosion. This means that you’ll find not a single mark of rust inside the chamber even after years of use. Not to mention the ease of cleaning the chamber after every grind. Unlike plastic chambers that get sticky waste stuck to their internal body, the stainless-steel chamber allows it to slide off smoothly during cleaning.

SoundSeal Technology

We mentioned previously that one of the core specialties of Evolution Excel is its quietness. Packed with SoundLimiter insulation and anti-vibration properties, the machine is as quiet as a garbage disposal grinder can be. This feature is something that most buyers look for while hunting for garbage grinding machines. Whether it’s midnight or the afternoon, you never have to worry about waking your loved ones up by the noise of the machine, because there isn’t any! Almost all customer reviews of the Evolution Excel described the machine’s ability to get the work done without making a sound, which might be making you wonder what makes the grinder so quiet.

One of the components of Evolution Excel is the Quiet Collar Sink Baffle that sits on the drainage mouth of your sink. It acts as a barrier between you and the Evolution Excel. With a thin layer of water on it, this component blocks out the grinding sound that comes from the machine. Secondly, the anti-vibration mount located at the center of the machine absorbs the vibration to a great extent. Vibration is one of the main reasons behind garbage grinding noise. These two components make the perfect sound insulation team for Evolution Excel and ensure your grinding process is as discrete as it can be.

Quick Lock Sink Mount

Would it not be a relief to know that you have to pay almost nothing for installing your garbage disposal machine? Well, that relief is felt by everyone who decides to replace their existing garbage disposal machine for InSinkErator’s Evolution Excel. Thanks to its Quick Lock sink mount, the installation process is a piece of cake. All you have to do is remove your old garbage disposal machine and screw the Evolution Excel through its sink mount. This saves you some bucks because you won’t have to opt for professional installation. Furthermore, the mount is universal, which means you don’t have to worry about the machine’s fit.

Of course, this feature is a blessing for those who are looking to replace their disposal machine. As for customers buying their first one, an hour or two might be needed for installation along with a power cord.

Jam Proof Grinding

We have already discussed the Evolution Excel’s capability of handling big loads of garbage at a time. However, the motor is further assisted by two systems that ensure it doesn’t fail to get the job done. First is the Jam-Sensor Circuit; This microprocessor can predict jams that are yet to happen during the grinding process. Upon noticing that the motor seems to be slowing down, it jumps into the frame and boosts the rotational torque 5x more than the original. This results in the motor cutting through the jam with ease and getting back to the normal grinding. All of this happens without your interference. The machine detects the issue before it even occurs and handles it like nothing.

Second is the Auto-Reverse grind system technology that cuts down the chances of a jam happening even more. Much like the Jam-Sensor Circuit tech, this system is also automated and activates itself when needed. It sets the grind in the reverse direction every time the danger of a jam is spotted. Once the grinder works in the opposite direction, the threat of a jam is eliminated.

Why You Should Go for Evolution Excel

InSinkErator’s Evolution Excel brings several advantages to the table. Here are a few of them that would convince you into buying the machine:

The Quietness

Let’s face it, home appliances making noise is the last thing you want. Technology has brought us this far and it can’t get us quiet machines? Well, in the case of Evolution Excel, technology doesn’t disappoint. We’ve discussed the working of the anti-vibration components and the Quiet Collar of the garbage grinder. This proves that InSinkErator has put extra effort into making Evolution Excel a noiseless machine. After all, the product is a part of their quiet series and it has passed the noise test from every aspect. You can expect even the lightest sleepers in your house to be sound asleep if you turn on the machine at 3 in the morning.


We’ve all been through that worrying thought of an expensive home appliance malfunctioning after you bring it home. Fortunately, for InSinkErator’s Evolution Excel customers, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. The company gives a full 10-year warranty for the machine. Moreover, the best part is that this warranty is applicable for in-home faults. This means you won’t have to undergo the hassle of returning the machine to your supplier or buying new parts to replace the faulty ones. InSinkErator itself will take care of the job by sending someone right over to your place to make things right.


Reliability is a rare element when it comes to garbage grinding machines. You always have to keep an eye out for jams and malfunctions during the grinding process. One big bone gets there and the grinder gets jammed. InSinkErator’s Evolution Excel brings you a worry-free grinding experience. Thanks to its brilliant jam-proofing systems that include the auto-reverse feature, you can turn the machine on and simply forget that it’s on. There won’t be any need to keep checking for potential jams and blockages. Rest assured your garbage is in the safe hands of a reliable disposal machine.

The Drawbacks of Evolution Excel

As you can tell by the extensive description of Evolution Excel’s features that the machine is indeed extraordinary. However, we all know that no machine is perfect. It’s only fair to list the drawbacks this garbage disposal machine has.

Heavy and Huge

We have already talked about the Evolution Excel’s heavy-duty performance in detail. What remains unaddressed is the machine’s above-average weight. Since the Evolution Excel is designed for bulk waste disposal, it’s no surprise that it weighs approximately 25 pounds. In addition to that, the machine has a height of 13 inches. This makes it a backache to handle, especially during installation. For buyers who are replacing their disposal machines, the installation process might not be that much of a hurdle. As for those buying their first machine, it’s quite difficult to hold the machine while one installs it. To put it straight, the installation process needs more than one pair of arms to get the job done.

Some customers have suggested placing books or any other elevated stool below the machine during installation. Nonetheless, it has been mentioned in several customer reviews that the machine would be a complete package if it was a bit lighter.

High Price

With the brilliant features in Evolution Excel comes a price tag that is strong enough to break the bank. This is because the machine comes with a whole new grinding technology. Since the machine has outstanding grinding features such as Auto Reverse, Jam Sensor Circuit, and a powerful 1 HP motor, the price of Evolution Excel is quite high. You can expect it to be above $300 in the market. However, in comparison with garbage disposal machines of similar grade, the price is indeed justified. As a matter of fact, one look through the customer reviews of Evolution Excel would be enough to show you that the machine is indeed worth its price.

The Final Verdict

InSinkErator Evolution Excel garbage disposal

InSinkErator Evolution Excel

  • 1.0 HP motor
  • Stainless steel body
  • SoundSeal Plus technology
  • MultiGrind Plus technology
  • 40 oz. chamber capacity
  • 10 years warranty

InSinkErator continues to provide value to its customers by coming up with enhanced features in their machines. Evolution Excel is undoubtedly a machine of great value. However, the question that whether it’s for you can only be answered by you. If you have a family of 7+ people with large amounts of waste being released in the kitchen, then the Evolution Excel is built for you. For those who are in search of a compact low-duty waste grinding machine, Evolution Excel isn’t your way to go.

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