Moen GXP50C Review

Moen unveiled the GXP50C as a part of its GX Prep series, which is targeted at customers who need just a little more than normal power levels in their garbage disposal machine. One of the units they brought forth is the GXP50C, a continuous feed ½ HP machine. In this read, we shall be reviewing the product thoroughly.

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Quick Overview

  • 1/2 HP motor
  • 2600 RPM speed
  • Pre-installed power cord
  • Mount: 3-bolt
  • 5-year in-home warranty
  • Compact design

Grinding Performance

Moen’s GXP50C comes with a ½ HP Vortex motor powerful enough to handle moderate-intensity kitchen waste. Once you power on the garbage disposal, it starts grinding waste continuously. ½ HP motors are not that powerful but they’re not weak either. A Vortex ½ HP motor is ideal for medium-sized families and folks that need a helping hand with getting rid of their kitchen waste. Thankfully, Moen’s Prep series was designed just for these needs. Fruit peels, vegetable heads, and seeds can go into the disposal and come out in the form of a finely ground paste. 

The GXP50C can also occasionally take some tough food scraps but it is not recommended to feed it those due to its ½ HP motor. In summary, the machine’s Vortex-powered motor is indeed reliable and powerful enough.


All of the garbage disposals that Moen has brought forth in their Prep series are equipped with the same motor and speed. The GXP50C isn’t different either as its speed can go up to 2600 revolutions per minute, which is very impressive for a medium-range disposal. Most ½ HP motors rarely cross the 1700 bar for their RPM, but Moen got the GXP50C a fast speed level. This means that you don’t have to wait too long for the machine to dispose of the trash. It will get the job done quickly. Moreover, better speed evidently means fewer chances of jamming. So, the GXP50C has a powerful ½ HP motor that is capable of going up to a speed of 2600 RPM. These two primary features complement each other and make the garbage disposal what it is.


As mentioned previously, every disposal in the Prep series has the same power and speed levels. However, they differ in other aspects and design is one of them. The GXP50C is one of the two products in this category that comes with a compact design. Though the disposal does not fully fit into the criteria of a compact machine, it is pretty close. With a height of 13 inches and a weight of around 9 pounds, the GXP50C can fit in most proper-sized septic tanks. For a compact machine, the area this disposal covers and its weight does raise a question mark. Nonetheless, it is a compact machine at the end of the day and it will save you space under your sink to a certain extent.

Moen’s garbage disposals have a reputation for being attractive. The GXP50C is not that different from the rest of the models of Moen such as the GT50C and the GT33C. It has a black exterior with a polished stainless steel sink flange but overall, nothing special in terms of looks.


The durability of a garbage disposal machine is dependent upon its internal components because that’s where most of the work takes place. Even if the exterior might stay good for a while, it’s more important for the grinding components inside to stay free from corrosion. Moen’s GXP50C has a chamber with corrosion-proof polymer and its grinding parts are made of galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is second to stainless steel in terms of longevity, but it is still reliable and protects the components from deteriorating with time. Overall, you’ll find the GXP50C to serve you well for a while due to its somewhat acceptable grade of durability.


The more powerful the motor, the louder it would be. In the case of Moen’s GXP50C, it has a ½ HP motor that does produce a bit of noise. The GXP50C is not equipped with any special insulation technology to trim down the noise levels it emits. However, most users have reported that the machine’s noise is not that big of a deal either. This is not a very quiet garbage disposal but it’s quiet enough to not disturb your mental peace but loud enough to ruin your sleep. Therefore, it might be a good idea to use the GXP50C before nap time. To put it straight, it all depends on the customer’s willingness to put up with noise level, and that varies. So, we’ll let you be the judge on this one.


GXP50C’s installation shouldn’t be that hard thanks to its Universal Xpress Mount and 3-bolt mounting system. However, it’s not entirely all rainbows either as a minority of users have mentioned their struggles in mounting the machine. Before we address that, it should be made clear that the GXP50C’s size and weight play a major role in ease of installation. Since these two are not too much, you’ll find the installation process to be convenient. Let us not forget the Universal Xpress Mount that fits with most existing brackets for older units. Furthermore, Moen once again brings you a pre-installed power cord to make wiring a snap. 

The only issue faced by most customers was the toughness of the snap ring. You’ll probably need some help to pull the ring because it’s stubborn on the new unit. We won’t blame this on the manufacturer because the snap ring holds the machine in its place and it has to be strong. So, you’ll definitely need some help with that. Otherwise, even if you do find installation to be a headache, Moen has several how-to videos uploaded and their instruction manual also helps a lot. Several reviews have applauded Moen’s customer service as well. This shows that the brand does care about its customers and we have to give Moen credit for that.

Price and Warranty

Moen’s prices keep updating as they sometimes introduce a new and better variant of the same garbage disposal in the market. For the GXP50C, you’ll find its price tag to be somewhere around $100, depending upon where you’re looking. For a garbage disposal with a 1/2 HP motor, the price tag seems to be pretty much fair. It’s a space-saving garbage disposal equipped with a little more horsepower than you’ll be needing. Other than that, Moen provides its customers with a warranty of 5 years for this product. This period of warranty is although not the longest but it’s still worth praising.

The Pros 

If the features were not enough to make you a fan of GXP50C’s abilities, perhaps a list of the pros this unit offers would do the trick. So, here are the top reasons why you should opt for this disposal:

Installation is Simple

Almost all of the positive reviews on the GXP50C involve the mention of ease of installation. As we already know that this unit comes with a Universal Xpress Mount and a traditional 3-bolt mounting system, it makes replacement as simple as it can be. All you will need is some plumber’s putty to ensure everything stays in its place. Other than that, the unit comes with everything it needs to be installed. The inclusion of the power cord is like the cherry on top of the cake.

Price is Fair

Moen isn’t the best brand when it comes to price tags but it doesn’t refrain from doing justice either. The GXP50C can cost you around $100. Once again, most garbage disposals with ½ HP would be found within this range. Furthermore, you’re getting a full package from Moen that will deal with your daily life kitchen waste. Value for the price here is simply not up for debate. Moen is a reputable brand and it’s charging a fair price for a great product. 

Space-saving Design

What else? Well, Moen has just a couple of compact disposals and fortunately, the GXP50C is one of them. The machine barely goes above the height of one foot and doesn’t weigh as much as a brick. This makes it an ideal pick for folks tight on space. Moen gets that not everyone has the storage below their sink to install a giant waste grinder and they’ve taken care of this problem very well. Also, compact disposals powerful enough to grind daily-life waste are rare. The GXP50C is no doubt a special unit.

High Speed

We have to say that the 2600 RPM speed is amongst the highest in the market for a ½ HP garbage disposal. High-speed grinding effectively gets rid of potential jams in the internal body. Waste simply cannot keep up with the swivels moving so fast that it inevitably has to give in to the disposal’s power. Even if the GXP50C does get jammed, Moen has given you a manual reset button at the bottom to fix the problem yourself. In conclusion, jamming should be the least of your worries when you go for the GXP50C.

Gets the job done

Getting rid of day-to-day normal kitchen waste should be no problem if you have the GXP50C helping you. The disposal is capable of handling veggie peels, celery, and spaghetti. Of course, a higher horsepower would have delivered better results, but our focus is on the households that need some help with cleaning up their food leftovers and the GXP50C is perfect for that. 

The Cons

Although Moen’s GXP50C is reported to have hundreds of positive reviews, some customers complained about certain aspects of the unit that they were not satisfied with. Here are the cons of Moen’s GXP50C:

Not durable enough

Moen’s GXP50C is reliable without a doubt, but it has a few components that are not made of sustainable and durable materials. For example, we have the splash guard and the drain plug made from plastic which isn’t even of the highest quality. These components may break down with time due to rough use and in cases where proper maintenance isn’t given importance. Moen should have done better in making these parts long-lasting. On the other hand, some parts do come with a strong level of strength such as the snap ring.


Don’t take ½ HP motors lightly when it comes to the issue of sound. If not insulated with a packing, disposals with such power will likely get their name stained due to the loudness of their operation. Such is the case with the GXP50C. No proper insulation comes with the garbage disposal and that is an issue. Your best bet at handling this problem is to surround the disposal with kitchen equipment. This will although suppress the sound to some extent, but won’t solve the problem completely.

What Other Options Do You Have?

If the above-stated cons seem to be too heavy on you, consider taking a look at other garbage disposals with similar features. Moen’s Prep series further includes the GX50C that comes with the same ½ HP motor and 2600 RPM along with a far better performance in terms of grinding. However, the machine isn’t a compact solution nor is it close to GXP50C’s cost but it does deliver excellent results in the kitchen. Other than that, you have the GT50C as a valid contender that is quite similar to GXP50C but scores slightly higher in terms of grinding performance. The price difference isn’t much either as the GT50C will cost you just $15 more.

Some other good choices are;


Moen’s products are known for their performance, durability, and reliability. Don’t forget that the GXP50C comes with a 5-year warranty to keep things running smoothly. As for the final verdict of this unit, it’s fair to state that the GXP50C is a brilliant pick for small households looking for some assistance in disposing of their daily life food waste. The machine doesn’t take up too much space and it doesn’t cost a leg. Even though it will make a bit of noise, hopefully, it turns out to be quieter than the garbage disposal you previously owned. 

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