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Do All Garbage Disposals Fit All Sinks? Yes, Here Is Why

There are around a hundred garbage disposal models made by different brands like Waste King, InSinkErator, Moen, etc. But do they all fit all sinks?

All garbage disposals are made to fit all kitchen sinks. This is because all kitchen sinks have standard drain hole sizes of 3.5 to 4 inches, and so all garbage disposals are made to fit this one size to make their installations easier. So it is just to say that all garbage disposals are universal.

There are a few exceptions to the above though. Kitchen sinks made of metals like stainless steel or copper are very thin and so there is no problem connecting garbage disposals to them. However, in the case of fireclay sinks, they are thicker, you will need to use an extended sink flange to connect garbage disposals.

How is a garbage disposal connected to a sink?

A garbage disposal is connected to a sink using a sink mount assembly. This consists of a flange, which is inserted through the drain hole of the sink, and a mounting assembly to which a garbage disposal can be hooked up by a simple twist and lock.

Connecting a garbage disposal to a sink
Connecting a garbage disposal to a sink

There are two types of mounting assemblies; 3-bolt and EZ. 3-bolt mounts are used mainly by brands like InSinkErator and Moen whereas EZ mounts are mostly use by brands like Waste King and Waste Maid. The installation of a garbage disposal using these mounting assemblies are slightly different however, they can be used on all kitchen sinks.

Here is a detailed installation video of a garbage disposal which uses a 3-bolt mounting assembly;

As mentioned before, any garbage disposal using any of the mounting assemblies are compatible with any sinks that have a drain hole size of 3.5 to 4 inches.

What size pipe comes out of a garbage disposal?

All garbage disposals, irrespective of their brand names, have a standard drain size of 1.5 inches. This is exactly the standard size of drain pipes in all households whether one uses a garbage disposal or not.

Connecting a garbage disposal to the drain pipes
Connecting a garbage disposal to the drain pipes

What does this mean to you? It means that you can buy whichever garbage disposal you want and install them without changing the existing pipe connections. This makes the process of installation much easier.

Are garbage disposals compatible with a farmhouse sink?

Even though garbage disposals are universal there are certain constraints like space that check the installation of some of these units under deep sinks like farmhouse sinks.

Image of a farmhouse sink
Image of a farmhouse sink

Garbage disposals can be installed on farmhouse sinks however not all models can be. As you know a farmhouse sink is deeper than a standard kitchen sink. Therefore the space available under the sink is limited. Garbage disposals with large heights cannot be installed in such short spaces.

In such cases where deep sinks are used only compact garbage disposals like Evolution Excel or Evolution Compact can be installed. This limitation is not due to the incompatibility of the garbage disposals to the kitchen sink but rather the limitation in the availability of space.

Are my existing electrical compatible with a new garbage disposal?

All garbage disposals units in the USA operates on 120 volts, and those sold in the UK operates on 240 volts. So whatever disposer unit your purchase, it will be compatible with your existing electrical. If you have a plug socket under the sink, or you use an air switch which I highly recommend, buying a garbage disposal with a pre-installed power cord makes the installation easier.

My name is Thomas Anderson, and I have worked briefly as a plumber. Even though I am currently working on a different career path I still help out my friends and family with their plumbing issues. This is a hobby blog where I share my knowledge with the audience through random articles. Through this blog, I hope to address some common questions about garbage disposals.

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