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InSinkErator Evolution Excel vs Prestige: Which is a better garbage disposal?

Evolution Excel and Evolution Prestige are two top-end garbage disposals by InSinkErator that look exactly the same in design as well as specifications. However, there are a few differences between the two. Let’s see what they are;

The differences between Evolution Excel and Prestige are;

  1. Warranty: Evolution Excel is covered under a 10-year warranty while that of Prestige is 7-years
  2. Jam Sensor: Excel garbage disposer comes with a jam sensor to reduce jams whereas this technology is not available in Prestige units
  3. Availability: InSinkErator Prestige is sold exclusively through Lowes whereas Excel units are available in most stores
  4. Price: Evolution Excel disposals are usually priced higher than Prestige disposals.

In all other aspects, these garbage disposals are the same. Here is a side by side comparison of the specifications fn features of InSinkErator Evolution and Evolution Prestige;

SpecificationsInSinkErator Evolution Excel garbage disposal
Evolution Excel
InSinkErator Evolution Prestige garbage disposal
Made byInSinkEratorInSinkErator
Power1 HP1 HP
Speed1725 RPM1725 RPM
ConstructionHigh quality alloy stainless steelHigh quality alloy stainless steel
MutiGrind technologyYesYes
Jam SensorYesNo
Auto Reverse systemYesYes
Dimensions13 inch x 9 inch13 inch x 9 inch
Grind chamber capacity40 oz40 oz
Feed typeContinuousContinuous
Noise insulationSoundSeal PlusSoundSeal Plus
AvailabilityAvailable on all storesExclusively sold through Lowes
PriceCheck Price on amazonCheck Price on amazon
Comparison of Evolution Excel and Prestige garbage disposal units

Detailed comparison of Evolution Excel with Evolution Prestige garbage disposal

As you can see in the table above, there are a lot of similarities between these two garbage disposal models. Both of them are made by InSinkErator, the prominent company in this industry, and they are the top of the series disposers with all the fancy features such a machine can have. Let’s compare each aspect of these two garbage disposals in detail;

Comparison of performance

Both garbage disposals are powered by the same 1 HP DuraDrive induction motors. They run at a speed of 1725 RPM. 1HP is the largest size among garbage disposals for domestic use, (there is one exception, though), so you won’t be able to find any more powerful disposals.

Evolution Excel and Prestige are ample for a large household of up to 7 people. If you have a bigger family than that I suggest you buy two of them.

These garbage disposals can chew up almost anything thrown into them, including heavy-duty food scraps like beef bones. This is achieved not just by the raw power of the 1 HP motor but also by the implementation of three technologies; MultiGrind, AutoReverse, and JamSensor.

MultiGrind is the name of a technology InSinkErator developed to grind food wastes to finer sizes. The food scraps undergo multiple stages of grinding, and in the case of Excel and Prestige garbage disposals, it is three. This multi-stage grinding is achieved by using a GrindShear Ring, UnderCutter Disk, and Tri-Action Lug System. Check the links to the videos of these for more details.

AutoReverse is a technology by InSinkErator that changes the direction of rotation of the disposer each time it is turned on. This change in rotational direction happens automatically without pushing any buttons or switches. It helps to reduce jams and also ensures that the grinding components wear out evenly.

JamSensor is another technology developed by InSinkErator to reduce jams in disposers. This feature is implemented only in Evolution Excel and not in Prestige disposal models. What it does is; it has a jam sensor that detects/predicts jams and this sensor increases the torque of the cutting disk by 500% to cut through these jams. It also adds a pulse to the rotor to create a hammering effect to easily cut through food pieces in the event of a jam.

These two garbage disposal models are the best in terms of performance, however, Evolution Excel performs better than Evolution Prestige disposer since it has the JamSensor technology.

Comparison of dimensions

The dimensions of both Evolution Prestige and Excel are the same. Both have a height of 13 inches and an overall width of 9 inches. They have a chamber capacity of 40 oz which is ample to accommodate the food wastes of a large household.

A very notable thing about these two machines is their compact size. 13 inches is a very compact size considering it houses a 1 HP motor. Most competing models with 1 HP size are much larger. This compact size allows people to install these disposers even in tight spaces, and that feature makes them among the most sought disposal models in the market.

Comparison of build quality, warranty & price

Both Excel and Prestige are premium garbage disposal models, and hence they are made with the best materials to ensure durability against corrosion and wear and tear. A long-lasting stainless steel alloy is used to make the grinding components and grinding chamber of these two garbage disposals. This use of high-quality material also makes the units pricier than standard disposers.

Both garbage disposals have the same construction. However, the warranty coverage for them differs. InSinkErator Excel is covered under a 10-year warranty, whereas InSinkErator Prestige is covered for only 7-years. I am not sure why there is this difference, even though both of them have the same durability. Maybe I am missing something?

I shouldn’t forget to mention that the above warranty coverage is an in-home warranty where the technician comes to your house for repair and replacement, and the cost of both labor and parts are covered in this. These warranties are applicable only for household installation, if these units are installed in a commercial space the period of these warranties will be limited to one year.

Then there is the price. InSinkErator Evolution Excel is almost always priced higher than Evolution Prestige. Even though the price differences change from time to time, it is around 80 bucks at the time of writing this article. I should say the Prestige disposer is totally worth the price, but unfortunately, it is available only in Lowes stores. On the other hand, the Evolution Excel disposer is available in most stores, including Amazon.

Comparison of noise

InSinkErator Prestige and Excel units are the most silent garbage disposals in the market. They are 60% quieter than a standard disposer. They use a technology called SoundSeal Plus which includes extra layers of insulation over the unit as well as vibration-free plumbing parts and an anti-vibration sink mount.

These machines produce only 30 to 45 decibels of sound while they are running. A normal conversation in the kitchen is as loud as 60 decibels, so now you have an idea how quiet these disposers are.

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Comparison of installation

The installation procedures for Excel and Prestige garbage disposal are the same. They use the same 3-bolt assembly to connect them to the sink drain. Both of them have the same dimensions, so even swapping them with each other is easy.

Here is a video showing how an Evolution Excel disposer is installed;


Which garbage disposal should you buy; Excel or Prestige?

Evolution Excel is slightly ahead of Evolution Prestige disposal in terms of performance, warranty, and availability. However, considering the difference in their pricing I wouldn’t recommend you to choose Excel over Prestige disposal.

Both disposals provide the best value for money so you can’t go wrong by choosing either one of them.

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