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Garbage Disposal Tools For Unjamming, Installation & More

Garbage disposals are an indispensable appliance in every households. Like every popular products they too come with tools and accessories.

Here are the popular tools bought for garbage disposals;

Garbage disposal unjamming tools

If you ever had a garbage disposal you would have this experience, it would jam sometime. Even if you buy the best garbage disposal available in the world this happen atleast once. There are some tools which are used to unjam a garbage disposal; here are they.

Garbage disposal Allen wrench

Allen wrenches, also called ‘hex keys’ are L-shaped tools that have a hexagonal cross-section. They are used to manually rotate the garbage disposal blades to free up any jams or blocks. They are available in many sizes. For a garbage disposal, the required size of the Allen wrench is 1/4 inches.

But unfortunately not all garbage disposals come with a disposal wrench slot. To know whether you garbage disposal has this, check on its bottom side. If there is a wrench slot you will be able to find it at the very center of the bottom face of your garbage disposal.

Allen wrench slot under a garbage disposal
Allen wrench slot under a garbage disposal

All garbage disposals by InSinkErator and its related brands come with a hex hole. In fact, all of them come with an Allen wrench in the package. Just in case you lose it, you can use another 1/4 inch hex wrench to unjam them.

The bottom side of those garbage disposals without a hex hole looks like this;

A garbage disposal without hex wrench slot
A garbage disposal without hex wrench slot

All garbage disposal models by the brands under Moen, like Waste King, doesn’t have hex wrench slots. Then what is the alternative?

Garbage disposal wrench

An Allen key is also called a garbage disposal wrench. But the real wrench is different. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any other names; it is simply called a garbage disposal wrench. They are used to unjam garbage disposals that do not have hex wrench slots. Here is what it looks like;

Image of a garbage disposal wrench
Image of a garbage disposal wrench

While an Allen wrench is inserted into the hex slot at the bottom of the garbage disposal, a garbage disposal wrench is inserted into the grinding chamber of the disposal from the top, through the sinkhole. It locks onto the garbage disposal blades, and then it is rotated to unjam whatever is obstructing the blades’ free rotation.

Garbage disposal installation tools

Garbage disposals are easy to install. However, there is a slight problem when installing one yourself. The problem is that when you try to mount the disposal onto the sink flange, the sink flange will start shifting its position making the task impossible. You will need someone to hold the sink flange in position while connecting the garbage disposal to it.

An alternative to doing this is using a garbage disposal installation tool. This tool basically holds the sink flange in position using the weight of the garbage disposal. It also helps to bring the disposal closer to the sink to make the installation easier.

Here are such three tools;

Dr. Disposal

This is a very simple tool. It consists of an anchor, a chain, and a metal piece to lock the chain in position.

Dr Disposal garbage disposal installation tool

I don’t think any tool can be simpler than this. Here is how it works;

As you can see in the video, when you try to install a garbage disposal by yourself, the sink flange will start shifting its position whenever you try to connect them. Trust me; this is really frustrating. To hold it in position without the help of another person, all you have to do is insert the Dr. Disposal tool through the sinkhole (with the sink flange in position) and hookup the garbage disposal. Make sure that you have put the mounting components in the right positions. Once the disposal is lifted and locked in position, the sink flange is pushed down by the disposer’s weight.

Now you can twist and lock the garbage disposal with ease. You can use this tool with all garbage disposals, irrespective of their sizes and brands.

Plumb Pak Plumbers Third Hand

Plumbers third hand is another installation tool very similar to Dr. Disposal. But it is more solid in its build due since it uses a metal rod instead of the chain. But in practice, this doesn’t make any difference. In fact, I recommend the Dr. Disposal tool since it is easier to pack.

Plumbers third hand installation tool
Plumbers third hand installation tool

Plumbers third hand is used exactly like one use Dr. Disposal. First, put the sink flange in position. Then insert the tool through the sinkhole and into the garbage disposal. The locking mechanism at the end of this tool is foldable, so you won’t have any trouble getting it inside the disposal and locking it in position. Lift the disposal, and lock it at any convenient height. Now you can start locking the garbage disposal to the sink flange without any difficulty.

This is a bit pricier than Dr.Disposal because it is more solid in construction.

Disposal Install Aider

Disposal Install Aider is another garbage disposal installation tool. It is more solidly built than the other two in this list, but honestly, the installation is a little more tedious with this one.

As you can see in the above video, the Disposal Install Aider comes with a retractable locking mechanism. The other two installation tools do not have this, and so it is a bit difficult to unhook them from a garbage disposal. The locking mechanism of this tool is also much easier to use than those of the other two. However, turning that knob seems more job than it should; maybe I am just lazy.

The working of this tool is exactly the same as that of the other two tools. You can purchase it from their website. However, I feel that this tool’s price is too high, even for a plumber who does regular installations.

Garbage disposal installation kit

Installing a garbage disposal often requires changes in your plumbing. Do you know what pipes and fittings you need to buy for this? Trust me, most DIYers don’t know this. But the good news is, you can buy installation kits which have all the pipes and fittings you need.

Check this one;

As you can see, it comes with a complete set of pipings needed for the sink and the disposal. You probably won’t need all of them, and it is more economical to buy only the parts you need. However, if you have no clue what to buy this kit is the best choice.

That is all the tools you need for the easy installation of a garbage disposal. I also have a post about garbage disposal switches, and also a detailed guide on unjamming a garbage disposal for further reading.