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InSinkErator Badger 1 vs Badger 5: An In-Depth Comparison

InSinkErator Badger 1 and Badger 5 garbage disposals look exactly the same. You can’t tell them apart save the stickers pasted on them. So how are these two different, and which one of them is a better choice for you?

The main difference between Badger 1 and Badger 5 is the grinding power. Badger 1 garbage disposal has a power of 1/3 HP while that of Badger 5 is 1/2 HP. Another difference is; Badger 5 has a longer warranty than Badger 1. Their prices are also different with Badger 5 priced higher than Badger 1.

InSinkErator Badger 1 garbage disposal

InSinkErator Badger 1

InSinkErator Badger 5 garbage disposal

InSinkErator Badger 5

Let’s do an in-depth comparison of these two garbage disposals

Differences between Badger 1 and Badger 5

Here is a table comparing the main differences between Badger 5 and Badger 1 garbage disposals;

Specifications Badger 1 Badger 5
Power 1/3 HP 1/2 HP
Warranty 1-year 3-year
Price Priced slightly lower Priced slightly higher
A table showing the differences between Badger 1 and Badger 5

The performance of Badger 5 is better than that of Badger 1

As mentioned before the main difference between Badger 1 and Badger 5 is the grinding power. Badger 1 is equipped with a 1/3 HP motor whereas Badger 5 has a 1/2 HP motor. This means that the performance of Badger 5 is 1.5 times that of Badger 1.

That being said, these two garbage disposals cannot grind tough food wastes. The higher power of badger 5 doesn’t make it any better than Badger 1 when it comes to the types of food wastes they can grind. If you take the case of Badger 5XP which is powered by a 3/4 Hp motor it can grind touch food items like peach pits. But unlike that Badger 5 cannot grind tough foods and fibrous items like celery.

But Badger 5 is a better choice for a household of 2 to 3 people as it can grind food wastes often and faster. Badger 1 is preferred for a small household of 1-2 people like students who tend not to cook every day.

Even though the motor power of Badger 1 and Badger 5 are different both of them are powered by the same type of motor which is called DuraDrive induction motor, which is basically an induction motor but with special modifications. Both motors run at the same speed, which is 1725 RPM.

The higher power of Badger 5 also means that it consumes slightly more electricity to run than Badger 1. Badger 5 has an amp rating of 6.3 amp for average loads while that for Badger 1 is 5.6 amp. Both run from a 120-volt power supply.

Both disposals are continuous feed type; you can add food wastes into them continuously while they are running.

The warranty of Badger 5 is longer than Badger 1

At the time of writing this article, InSinkErator Badger 5 comes with an in-home warranty for 3-years. Badger 1 has a shorter warranty period which is 1-year.

In-home warranty means that InSinkErator will send a technician to your home for repair as well as replacement of a damaged disposal unit at no expense to the customer. This warranty covers the costs of both labor and parts.

Another good thing about InSinkErator’s warranty is that it is transferrable to a second owner of the house. Let me explain, if you purchased a Badger 5 disposal and sold the house to another person before the expiry of the disposal’s warranty, then the second owner is eligible for that warranty (Reference). This sort of warranty transfer is not allowed in the case of many other competing brands.

Please note that this limited warranty is applicable only for the residential installation of the disposal units. If they are installed in a commercial space these warranties get void.

Badger 5 is usually priced higher than Badger 1

The price of Badger 5 is usually higher than that of Badger 1. The reason why I say ‘usually’ is that these prices change from time to time.

On special occasions their proces are almost the same. So if you can get a Badger 5 for the proce of Badger 1 definitely go for it.

Overall comparison of Badger 1 and Badger 5

There is a lot more about garbage disposals than their power, warranty, and pricing even though they are the most important ones. Let’s see in detail the rest of the specifications of these two garbage disposals.

Specifications Badger 1 Badger 5
Made by InSinkErator InSinkErator
Dimensions 11.5″ x 6.3125″ 11.5″ x 6.3125″
Construction Galvanized Steel Galvanized Steel
Feed type Continuous feed Continuous feed
Grind chamber capacity 26 oz 26 oz
Mounting assembly 3-bolt 3-bolt
Preinstalled power cord Optional Optional
Check price on Amazon Check price on Amazon

Build quality

The build quality is an important buying factor that determines the longevity of a garbage disposal. A disposer built with durable materials will last longer than one without.

Both Badger 5 and Badger 1 are made out of Galvanized Steel. This includes their grinding chamber and grinding components. Each of these units uses two swivel lugs on its rotor to grind food wastes, and these lugs are made of Stainless Steel which is more durable than Galvanized Steel.

The overall build quality of these garbage disposals are good. Even though their warranties are short when compared to that of similar units by Waste King and other competing brands I know people who have used Badger disposals for over 15 years.

To keep these garbage disposals working for a long time make sure you don’t add any acidic cleaners in the sink. The galvanized plates of the Badger disposals tend to corrode when such types of chemicals are used.


The dimensions of both Badger 1 and Badger 5 are exactly the same even though Badger 5 has a bigger motor. I think that the old version of Badger 5 used to be slightly bigger, I am not sure.

The current dimensions of both garbage disposals are 11.5 inches in height and 6.3125 inches in width.

The grind chamber capacity of both garbage disposals is the same 26 oz. Grinding chamber capacity is a measure of the maximum amount of food wastes a disposer can accommodate at a time. If you cram more food wastes into the unit it is likely to get jammed.


Badger 5 and Badger 1 have the same installation procedure. Both of them use a 3-bolt assembly. This is a twist and lock mechanism that connects these garbage disposals to the sink. Here is a video showing the installation of a Badger 5; Badger 1’s installation is exactly the same;

Both Badger 1 and Badger 5 are available with preinstalled power cords even though you have to pay extra for them. I prefer the preinstalled ones because that makes the installation much easier.

Verdict: Badger 1 or Badger 5?

Both Badger 1 and Badger 5 are very similar in many aspects. Badger 5 is better than Badger 1 in terms of power and warranty but its price is also higher. I would say both garbage disposals are worth the money. If you cook regularly I recommend you buy a Badger 5. If you are someone who cooks once a while a Badger 1 is a more economical choice. But if you can get a Badger 5 for the price of Badger 1 go ahead and buy it!

InSinkErator Badger 1 garbage disposal

InSinkErator Badger 1

InSinkErator Badger 5 garbage disposal

InSinkErator Badger 5


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