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InSinkErator Evolution 100 S vs 200 S: A Detailed Comparison

Evolution 100 S and Evolution 200 S are two garbage disposal models made for the UK by InSinkErator. They are the improved versions of InSinkErator’s own Evolution 100 and Evolution 200 respectively. What are the differences and similarities between these two products?

The main differences between Evolution 100 S and 200 S are their noise insulation and the number of grinding stages. The 100 S comes with 2-stage grinding whereas the 200S disposal has a 3-stage grinding system. Evolution 200 S is quieter than Evolution 100 S.

They are also different in their dimensions, design, and warranty. Let me explain these differences in detail.

Evolution 200S

InSinkErator Evolution 100S UK

Evolution 100S

Evolution 200 S is quieter than Evolution 100 S

Both food wastes disposals use SoundSeal technology, a flagship noise insulation technology by InSinkErator. However, the technology used in Evolution 200 S is slightly more advanced than that in Evolution 100 S. Therefore, 200 S is quieter than the other.

Evolution 200 S is 60% quieter than a standard disposal, while Evolution 100 S is only 40% quieter.

This difference in quietness is due to the difference in the noise-insulating foam used around the garbage disposals. The foam used around the body of the Evolution 200S has multiple layers to reflect sound waves. Here is what the insulation on Evolution 200S looks like;

Insulation of Evolution 200S

The insulation foam used in Evolution 100S has only one layer of insulation. Check teh video below to see how it looks like;

InSulation of Evolution 100S

Both these food waste disposals come with anti-vibration mounts also that reduce vibrations and thus noise.

Evolution 200 S has more grinding stages than the 100 S

A feature of InSinkErator’s Evolution series garbage disposals is Multi-Grind technology. This is a patented technology by InSinkErator where multiple grinding components are used to grind food wastes. The advantage of this technology is that it grinds food wastes into much smaller particles than a standard garbage disposal can. As the food wastes are ground better, they can be easily washed away without clogging the drain pipes.

Some garbage disposals use 3 sets of grinding components and it is called 3-stage grinding. Some others use 2 sets of grinding components and is called a 2-stage grinding system.

Evolution 200 S has a 3-stage grinding system, whereas Evolution 100 S has a 2-stage grinding system. Therefore, the food wastes ground in the former model are slightly smaller than those in the latter. This means that you can grind more fibrous foods in an Evolution 200 S than in an Evolution 100S disposal.

Evolution 100 S is more compact than 200 S

Size matters, but that doesn’t mean bigger is better. When it comes to garbage disposals compact sizes are more popular than their giant counterparts. This is because, for most homes the space under the kitchen sink, where a garbage disposal is installed, is limited.

Evolution 100 S has a height of 311mm, and a width of 222 mm, whereas those of Evolution 200 S are 330mm and 234mm, respectively. The height of the drain outlet of the 100S from the bottom of the sink is 171mm, whereas that for Evolution 200S is 185mm.

If you didn’t know, the distance between the drain outlet of the disposal and the bottom of the sink is important when installing under deep sinks. The disposal’s outlet should sit higher than the drain pipe going into the wall for proper draining. A shorter distance between the sink and disposal outlet provides more space to install the pipe into the wall.

The difference in their outer dimensions also reflects on the insides. Evolution 200S has a grinding chamber that can accommodate 1180ml of food wastes, whereas, for the Evolution 100S, it is 1005ml.

Evolution 100S is a bit bigger than its former discontinued version named Evolution 100. But Evolution 200S is smaller than its previous discontinued version.

They differ in price & warranty

The price of Evolution 200S is more than that of 100S. Also, the former comes with a warranty of 5-years while the latter is covered for only 4-years. These warranties cover the cost of parts and labor.

Their formal versions had longer warranties. Evolution 200 had a 6-year and Evolution 100 had a 5-year warranty.

The price and warranties of waste disposal change over time, maybe these will be given longer warranties after a while.


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