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InSinkErator Evolution Compact vs Essential XTR: Choose Wisely

Evolution Compact and Essential XTR are two very similar-looking garbage disposals with very similar specifications and features. This article is a comparison of these units to see which one is a better choice. So which is it?

Essential XTR is a better version of Evolution Compact. Even though both of them come with similar specifications, Essential XTR has a 9-year warranty against the 8-year warranty of Evolution Compact, and it has a better noise insulation system. But Evolution Compact is cheaper than Essential XTR.

InSinkErator Evolution Compact

Evolution Compact

Essential XTR garbage disposals

Essential XTR

Here is a table comparing the specifications of both garbage disposer units;

Specifications Evolution Compact Essential XTR
Made by InSinkErator InSinkErator
Power 3/4 HP 3/4 HP
Speed 1725 RPM 1725 RPM
Feed type Continuous Continuous
Grinding stages 2 2
Overall height 12.25 inches 12.25 inches
Overall width 8.75 inches 8.75 inches
Chamber capacity 34.6 oz 34.6 oz
Construction Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Noise insulation Quiet Quieter
Warranty 8-years 9-years
Price $$ $$$
Sink top switch Not included Included
Powercord Optional Included
Price See on Amazon See on Amazon
Comparison of Evolution Compact and Essential XTR garbage disposals
Evolution Compact vs Essential XTR

Comparison of performances

Both Evolution Compact and Evolution Essential XTR are powered by the same motor which delivers a power of 3/4 HP. They use DuraDrive induction motors that run at a speed of 1725 RPM. In terms of performance, both garbage disposals are of the same capability.

A garbage disposal of this size is good enough for a household with 3 to 5 people. The 3/4 HP motor provides enough cutting torque to dispose of all disposal-friendly food wastes.

However, both Evolution Compact and Essential XTR pack a surprise feature; MultiGrind technology! This is a proprietary technology by InSinkErator where the food scrapes undergo more than one grinding stage. In the case of these garbage disposals, the number of grinding stages is two. The advantage of this two-stage grinding is that it makes the ground food wastes finer. Because of this technology, Evolution Compact and Essential XTR are capable of grinding fibrous food items like celery without clogging the drains. And not only this, but you can also dispose of tougher food items like chicken bones with these Evolution model garbage disposals, just make sure that you don’t overload them.

Here is Youtube video by InSinkErator comparing MultiGrind technology with a standard disposer;

By cutting the food scrapes into finer pieces MultiGrind technology makes it easy for them to pass through the plumbing without clogging.

Also, both garbage disposals are continuous ones, you can feed them food scraps continuously without stopping.

Comparison of construction and dimensions

Evolution Compact and Essential XTR garbage disposals are premium products. So they are made with the best durable material; Stainless steel. The grinding components and grinding chamber of both these disposers are made of the highest durability alloy Stainless Steel with LeakGuard Liner. This material helps to keep the disposers from rusting and leaking.

In addition, the 3-bolt mount they use, and their sink flanges are all made of stainless steel. This makes sure that the garbage disposals are watertight where it joins the sink.

The dimensions of both Evolution Compact and Essential XTR are the same. Both disposers have a height of 12.25 inches and a width of 8.75 inches. They are compact in size and are suitable for deep sinks and farmhouse sinks where space under the sink is short.

These garbage disposals have a chamber capacity of 34.6 oz which is plenty for a large household. This means you can cram more food scrapes into these disposers than you can with InSinkErator Badger models. Nevertheless, overloading the disposers can cause jams irrespective of their features or sizes.

Comparison of noise insulation capabilities

According to InSinkErator, Essential XTR garbage disposal uses advanced noise reduction technologies which makes it quieter than Evolution Compact.

That doesn’t mean Evolution Compact is noisy. Evolution Compact comes with good noise insulation which makes it 30% quieter than a standard disposal. It uses a technology called SoundSeal which is a proprietary technology by InSinkErator. However, Essential XTR uses an advanced version of this technology to make it quieter.

SoundSeal technology involves layers of insulation around the motor and the grinding chamber of the disposer. In addition to this, Anti-Vibration mounts and vibration-resistant sink baffles reduce noises through vibrations. Coupled with the quiet DuraDrive induction motor this technology ensures that Evolution Compact and Essential XTR garbage disposals run whisper quiet.


The installation procedures for both Essential XTR and Evolution compact are the same. These garbage disposals use a 3-bolt assembly which is compatible with all disposer models by InSinkErator, and then some.

Here is a video showing the installation of an Evolution Compact garbage disposal;

Evolution Compact installation

The 3-bolt assembly lets you swap one disposer with another without having to redo the whole installation. It lets you easily replace an Evolution Compact model with an Essential XTR unit.

Moreover, if you take a close look at the dimensions of these products you can see that their drainpipe heights are the same. So when replacing an Evolution Compact unit with XTR and vice versa you don’t have to make any changes to the plumbing which makes the process further easier.

Both garbage disposers come with dishwasher connections. These dishwasher inlets have a plugin in them that needs to be removed before connecting to the dishwasher. If you don’t have a dishwasher do not remove this plug.

Comparison of price, warranty, and accessories

Evolution Essential XTR is costlier than Evolution Compact garbage disposals. This price difference isn’t huge, it is often around 80 bucks, and it changes from time to time based on offers and sale promotions.

Evolution Essential XTR is covered under a 9-year warranty whereas Evolution Compact is covered for only 8-years. I am not sure why the former has a 1-year longer warranty even though the build quality of both units is the same. Just like for all other InSinkErator models the warranty covers the expenses of parts and labor, and the technician comes to your house at no expense.

When it comes to accessories Essential XTR garbage disposals come with a sink top switch and a pre-installed power cord. The sink top switch is handy and safe to operate the disposal when needed. (I will be shortly doing a detailed article on the types of switches available for garbage disposals and why a sink top switch is recommended.) But in the case of Evolution Compact these are not included by default, you can purchase them at an additional price.

Which is a better garbage disposal; Evolution Compact or Essential XTR?

Both Evolution Compact and Essential XTR are premium, top-rated garbage disposals by InSinkErator that have many premium features. They are very similar except for a few things detailed above. Even though Essential XTR is a bit more costly I will choose it over Evolution Compact because it is quieter and has a slightly longer warranty. I believe that the gap in the pricing with Evolution Compact gets shorter if you were to buy a sink top switch and preinstalled power cord with it.

InSinkErator Evolution Compact

Evolution Compact

Essential XTR garbage disposals

Essential XTR

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