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InSinkErator Evolution Compact vs Select Plus: Differences Detailed

Both Evolution Compact and Select Plus are 3/4 HP garbage disposals made by InSinkErator. They are very similar to each other in looks and specifications. But how are they different? Which of them is a better choice?

Here are the main differences between Evolution Compact and Select Plus:

Evolution CompactSelect Plus
Quiet operationQuieter operation due to slightly better insulation
8-year warranty9-year warranty
Quiet Collar sink baffleAntimicrobial Quiet Collar sink baffle
Available in all storesAvailable Exclusively on HomeDepot
Optional pre-installed power cordNo power cord
Differences between Evolution Compact and Select Plus garbage disposals
InSinkErator Evolution Compact

Evolution Compact

InSinkErator Evolution Select Plus

Evolution Select Plus

Let me explain what these differences are in detail;

Select Plus is quieter than Evolution Compact

InSinkErator Evolution Select Plus is noticeably quieter than Evolution Compact garbage disposal. This is due to the use of extra SoundLimiter insulation in the Select Plus unit.

Both of these garbage disposals use a technology called SoundSeal which is a proprietary technology by InSinkErator, the manufacturer of these machines. This technology involves layers of insulating material around the garbage disposals which muffles the noise. This technology also features the use of anti-vibration mounts which reduce the chances of any vibrations thus considerably reducing the overall noise from the garbage disposal while it is running.

Even though both Evolution Compact and Select Plus use this technology the one in Select Plus is an improved one. It is called ‘Advanced SoundSeal’ technology primarily because it is a bit more advanced than SoundSeal. The main difference between the two is a SoundLimiter Insulation which is an extra layer of open-cell insulation that is wrapped around the disposer. Here is a short video explaining it;

The presence of this extra insulation muffles any sound coming out of the Select Plus garbage disposal. Since Evolution Compact garbage disposals do not have this extra layer of insulation they are a bit noisier than Evolution Select Plus models.

Other components of SoundSeal technology include an Anti-vibration mount, an anti-vibration tailpipe mount, and a QuietCollar sink baffle. These are basically anti-vibration mounts specially made to reduce vibrations between the sink, piping, and the garbage disposal. All of these components are present in both Evolution Compact and Select Plus garbage disposals.

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Select Plus has a longer warranty than Evolution Compact

InSinkErator Select Plus has a slightly longer warranty than Evolution Compact garbage disposal. Please note that the span of the warranties vary from time to time, so I am comparing these models based on the warranty information available at the time of writing this article.

InSinkErator Evolution Select Plus is covered under a 9-year, parts and in-home service warranty whereas Evolution Compact is covered under an 8-year, parts and in-home service warranty. These are limited warranties that cover defects in materials or workmanship of the InSinkErator products. If your unit is damaged within this warranty period, the company will try to repair it or replace it. If both do not work for the customer InSinkErator will refund the full amount of the purchase.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear over time, cosmetic rust, dents, and scratches. The warranty is applicable to both the buyer of the garbage disposal unit as well as the subsequent owner. That means if a person purchased a garbage disposal and installed it in his home later sold this home to you, you are eligible for the same warranty. However, if he sold you only the garbage disposal then you are not eligible for this warranty.

Also please note that this warranty is applicable only for the residential use of the garbage disposals. If they are used for commercial purposes the warranty period will be downgraded to 1-year, or any period the company will notify you of beforehand.

The build quality, materials used for construction, dimensions, and power rating are all the same for both Evolution Compact and Select Plus garbage disposal models. So I am not sure why Select Plus has a 1-year longer warranty. However, it seems that those disposer models made exclusively for HomeDepot always come with a slightly longer warranty, and that may be the case here.

Here is a guide by InSinkErator to determine if your unit is still under warranty: Guide.

The QuietCollar sink baffle of Select Plus is anti-microbial while that of Compact isn’t

As you can guess this is not a difference that matters. But since Evolution Compact and Select Plus are so similar I wanted to list all their differences even if they didn’t make much sense.

So as mentioned above, the sink baffle of Select Plus garbage disposal is anti-microbial. The thing with InSinkErator sink baffles is that they are not removable from the top. When food wastes are ground not everything washes out through the drains. A lot of residue sticks on the underside of the sink baffle. Since this sink baffle cannot be easily removed it is pretty difficult to clean it. As a result, the food wastes accumulated under it will start to rot creating bacteria. The anti-microbial sink baffle helps to prevent the growth of these bacteria to some extent.

Evolution Compact doesn’t have an anti-microbial sink baffle so it has all the downsides which Select Plus doesn’t have.

But why are these sink baffles called QuietCollar? QuietCollar is a simple technology developed by InSinkErator to muffle the sound of the garbage disposal running. The technique is simple but truly amazing! Here the sink baffles are specially designed so that when water is run, the water forms an insulating layer over the baffle which muffles the sound from the garbage disposal. Truly genius isn’t it?

Here is a video explaining the working of a QuietCollar sink baffle;

Select Plus is made exclusively for HomeDepot

InSinkErator Select Plus garbage disposal is an exclusive model for HomeDepot ie, it is available only in HomeDepot. But Evolution Compact is available in almost all stores.

I am not sure why InSinkErator chooses to make exclusive models for HomeDepot, they do that for Lowes as well. I am no business expert so I don’t know how it benefits the companies or the customers.

What I do know is that the pricing of both garbage disposals is somewhat similar, the Select Plus being a little pricier. However, as you can see in this article Select Plus is slightly better than Evolution Compact, so the price difference is well justified.

You can buy a power cord with Evolution Compact but not with Select Plus

Having a pre-installed power cord is handy for an amateur DIY installer. Most kitchen sinks have a power outlet with a power socket under them so it is pretty easy to electrically connect a garbage disposal if it has a pre-installed power cord. Luckily you can opt to get one with Evolution Compact even though you will have to pay extra for it. On the other hand, Select Plus doesn’t have any such luxury, it doesn’t come with a power cord but you can buy one separately. The difference here is that buying separately doesn’t mean preinstalled, you will have to connect the cord with the disposal yourself.

A brief overview of Evolution Compact and Select Plus garbage disposals

As mentioned before both Evolution Compact and Select Plus are very similar in specifications and looks. Both are premium garbage disposals by InSinkErator and are made with top-notch materials and features.

Here is comparison of the specifications of both units;

SpecificationsEvolution CompactSelect Plus
Power3/4 HP3/4 HP
Speed1725 RPM1725 RPM
Feed typeContinuous feedContinuous feed
Chamber capacity34.6 oz34.6 oz
Running noiseQuietQuieter
Grinding stages22
ConstructionAlloy stainless steel with LeakGuard linerAlloy stainless steel with LeakGuard liner
Preinstalled power cordOptionalNo
Dimensions12.25″ x 8.75″12.25″ x 8.75″
AvailabilityAll storesHomeDepot only
PriceCheck price in AmazonCheck Price in HomeDepot


Both Evolution Compact and Select Plus are equipped with InSinkErator’s DuraDrive induction motor with a power of 3/4 HP. They run at a speed of 1725 RPM. 3/4 HP power is more than ample for a house of 3 to 5 people.

These disposals use MultiGrind technology which means that they have two grinding stages. Since the food wastes go under two stages of grinding they are ground to finer sizes which helps to reduce clogs down the pipeline. This also helps the garbage disposals to grind tough food items like chicken bones and fibrous food items like celery.

Both disposals have a grinding chamber capacity of 34.6 oz which means they can handle quite a volume of food. This helps to empty your plates faster. Both of them are continuous feed type disposals which so you can continuously add food wastes into them without batching.

Since both Compact and Select Plus have the same motor and same grinding chamber so their performances are exactly the same when compared with each other.


Both garbage disposals belong to the premium Evolution series of InSinkErator. So their build quality is undoubtedly top-notch.

Both Evolution Compact and Select Plus garbage disposals are made of allowing Stainless Steel which is durable against corrosion. They also use a technology called LineGuard which prevents leaks from the garbage disposal. Durable construction combined with anti-leak technology makes these disposals durable and long-lasting.

This top-notch construction is the reason why these two garbage disposals have one of the best warranties in the industry. Even though their warranties are 8 and 9 years these disposals are guaranteed to last for at least two decades without any problems.

In addition to the use of the same building material, the dimensions of both garbage disposals are the same. Both of them have a height of 12.25 inches and a width of 8.75 inches. This size makes them one of the most compact garbage disposals in the industry. This means they can be installed even under deep sinks.


The installation of both garbage disposals is the same except that you can opt to buy Evolution COmpact with a pre-installed power cord. Having a pre-installed power cord makes the installation, even more, easier for new DIYers.

Both garbage disposals are mounted using a 3-bolt assembly which is a twist and lock mechanism. It is pretty simple and straight forward, and anyone can install the unit within around 30 mins provided you have suitable plumbing.

Here is an installation video of Evolution Compact;

Verdict: Which is a better garbage disposal?

Both Evolution Compact and Select plus are among the best rated garbage disposals. But, in my opinion, Select Plus is a better garbage disposal than Evolution Compact. Select Plus has a longer warranty and it runs quieter. Even though its price is slightly on the higher side since Select Plus comes with these two additional plus points I would select it.

InSinkErator Evolution Compact

Evolution Compact

InSinkErator Evolution Select Plus

Evolution Select Plus


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