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InSinkErator Pro 750 vs Evolution Compact: A Comparison

InSinkErator Evolution Pro 750 and Evolution Compact are two garbage disposal models that are hard to distinguish. They have very similar specifications, and they look alike. How are they different?

Differences between InSinkErator Pro 750 and Evolution Compact

Here are the differences between InSinkErator Pro 750 and Evolution Compact;

  • Evolution Pro 750 comes with AutoReverse technology whereas Evolution Compact doesn’t have it
  • Pro 750 is quieter than Evolution Compact
  • Pro 750 is covered under a 9-year warranty whereas Evolution Compact is covered under an 8-year warranty.
  • The sink baffle of Pro 750 comes with anti-microbial material whereas that of Evolution Compact doesn’t have it.
  • Pro 750 is usually priced higher than Evolution Compact
Image of InSinkErator Pro 750 garbage disposal

InSinkErator Pro 750

InSinkErator Evolution Compact

Evolution Compact

Autoreverse feature

Evolution Pro 750 Comes With AutoReverse Technology But Evolution Compact Doesn’t Have It.

AutoReverse is a proprietary technology by InSinkErator where a garbage disposal automatically changes the direction of rotation of its blades each time the disposal is started. This makes sure that the blades are worn evenly, and this alternative rotation also helps to reduce jams. Evolution Pro garbage disposal uses this technology, while Evolution Compact units don’t.


Both Evolution Compact and Pro 750 garbage disposals are quiet. But Pro 750 is a bit quieter than the other. This is due to the presence of an extra layer of insulation around the Pro 750 disposer. This technology, which involves this extra insulation, is called SoundLimiter technology, and it is another proprietary technology of InSinkErator.

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InSinkErator covers Pro 750 garbage disposal under a 9-year warranty while that for Evolution Compact is only 8-years. The warranty periods of garbage disposals change from time to time, the Compact model had only a 5-year warranty a few years ago. So this difference is bound to change however, now Pro 750 is a better model in terms of the warranty.

This warranty for both disposer models is an in-home warranty that covers labor and parts. While under this warranty period, the technician will come to your home for the repair or replacement of the disposal, and if that doesn’t work the company will refund the full purchase amount.

Just like for all other InSinkErator disposals, this long terms warranty is only for domestic uses.

Anti-microbial sink baffle

A sink baffle is that black rubber thing situated inside the drain hole of the kitchen sink, which forms the top part of the garbage disposal. The sink baffles of both Pro 750 and Compact disposals are designed to muffle the sound of grinding.

However, the sink baffles that come with 750 Pro disposal models have an anti-microbial coating that prevents the growth of microbes like bacteria to a large extent.


Pro 750 is usually more costly than Evolution Compact garbage disposal. I say ‘usually’ because the prices of these garbage disposals change from time to time especially when it comes to special discounts. So I recommend you to check the current pricing before you buy.

I believe that the higher price of Pro 750 is well justified because it has a longer warranty, better insulation, and AutoReverse technology when compared to Evolution Compact. However, Evolution Compact gives you more value for the money as these extra features aren’t that important when it comes to your daily use of a garbage disposal.

SpecificationsPro 750Evolution Compact
Made byInSinkEratorInSinkErator
Power3/4 HP3/4 HP
Speed1725 RPM1725 RPM
Grinding stages22
Feed typeContinuousContinuous
Noise insulationQuieterQuiet
Dimensions12.25″ x 8.75″12.25″ x 8.75″
Grind chamber capacity34.6 oz34.6 oz
Anti-microbial sink baffleYesNo
Preinstalled power cordOptionalOptional
ConstructionStainless steel with LeakGuard linerStainless steel with LeakGuard liner
Installation3-bolt assembly3-bolt assembly
PriceView price on AmazonView price on Amazon
Table comparing the specifications of Evolution Compact and Pro 750 grabage disposals


The two garbage disposals, Pro 750 and Evolution Compact, have several similarities, including the manufacturer, InSinkErator. Both models have a 3/4 horsepower motor, which operates at a speed of 1725 RPM. Additionally, both disposals use a two-stage grinding process and feature continuous feed, which allows for constant waste disposal.

Furthermore, the dimensions and grinding chamber capacity of the two models are the same. The Pro 750 and Evolution Compact measure 12.25″ x 8.75″ and have a 34.6 oz grind chamber capacity.

Both models also have a stainless steel construction with a LeakGuard liner that prevents leaks and keeps the unit clean. They can be installed easily using a 3-bolt assembly process, and both models come with an optional preinstalled power cord.

Finally, the Pro 750 and Evolution Compact disposals are backed by warranties from the manufacturer. The Pro 750 has a 9-year warranty, while the Evolution Compact has an 8-year warranty.

In summary, the Pro 750 and Evolution Compact garbage disposals share several features, including their manufacturer, motor power, grinding process, continuous feed, dimensions, grind chamber capacity, construction, installation process, and optional power cord

My Opinion: Pro 750 or Evolution Compact

In my opinion, Evolution Compact provides more value for money, and hence it is a better choice over Pro 750.

While Pro 750 has many more features than Evolution Compact, they are not much life-changing when it comes to daily usage. Both models are quiet and powerful and are a good choice for a household of 3 to 5 people, and even though Pro 750 is slightly better than Compact in some areas, I prefer Evolution Compact for the before said reason.

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