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InSinkErator Evolution Supreme SS vs Excel: Differences Detailed

Evolution Supreme SS and Evolution Excel are two garbage disposals made by InSinkErator which are very similar to each other in features and specifications. So it is pretty confusing when it comes to choosing between these two models, which is a better deal?

Evolution Excel is better than Supreme SS garbage disposal in terms of performance because it comes with Jam Sensor as well as Auto Reverse technologies. It also comes with an optional pre-installed power cord.

Moreover, Evolution Supreme SS is available only at The Home Depot while Evolution Excel garbage disposals are available through many outlets.

InSinkErator Evolution Excel garbage disposal
Evolution Excel

Let’s dive deep into these differences;

The performance of Evolution Excel is slightly better than that of Supreme SS garbage disposal

Both Evolution Excel and Supreme SS are powered by the same 1 HP, DuraDrive induction motor. Therefore both units should have the same performance. However, Evolution Excel uses two anti-jam technology that makes it better.

Evolution Excel garbage disposals come with Jam Sensor as well as Auto Reverse technologies which help them to reduce jams. Jam Sensor technology includes a special sensor that anticipates the chances of jams and increases the torque of the disposer by 500%. At the same time, it also adds pulses to the rotor which creates a hammering effect to cut through any jams.

The Auto-Reverse technology reverses the direction of the rotation of the blades each time the disposal is started and when it detects jams. This helps to avoid jams and also to even the wear and tear of the disposal blades.

Here is a video detailing how these two technologies work;

The use of these two technologies gives Evolution Excel a slight edge over Supreme SS disposer models in terms of performance.

Evolution Excel disposals come with optional pre-installed power cords

Another good thing Evolution Excel has and Supreme SS doesn’t is a pre-installed power cord. In the case of Excel garbage disposals, you can opt to buy a preinstalled power cord. This makes it easier to get the installation done since all you have to do in terms of electrical connections, is to plug the cord into the power outlet. However, this can be a problem if you don’t have a power outlet under the sink.

In fact, most kitchens do not have a power outlet under the sink, so the garbage disposals are usually hard-wired. This is the reason why InSinkErator doesn’t sell preinstalled power cords for all its models because then you will have to cut off the power cord to hardwire it. Also if you have an existing power cord, then using a preinstalled one only adds to your cost.

While I won’t say it is better to get a preinstalled power cord, having the option to choose one is handy, and so I favor Evolution Excel over Supreme SS models.

Supremes SS comes with an anti-microbial sink baffle while Excel disposals don’t

Both Evolution Excel and Supreme SS garbage disposal models use Quiet Collar sink baffles. These are specially designed sink baffles that will retain a film of water over them in the sink to muffle the sound coming from the disposer. Even though the sink baffles of both disposer models are the same in looks, design, and function the one in Supreme SS models is anti-microbial ie, it prevents the growth of bacteria. As you know the underside of sink baffles are always full of food waste particles that will rot and grow bacteria. An anti-microbial sink baffle prevents this to a good extent. This type of baffle is not used in Evolution Excel models, and I am not sure why. Maybe InSinkErator will do that in the future but at the time of this writing, it is not so.

Working of Quiet Collar sink baffles

Supreme SS is exclusively sold through The Home Depot

Supreme SS garbage disposals are exclusive Home Depot products while Evolution Excel units are sold through all stores.

InSinkErator has a special agreement with The Home Depot and they make exclusive models for the store. Some other examples of such disposer models are Badger 500 and Badger 100. These are usually slight variations of InSinkErators existing models even though in most cases only the price and the sticker on the disposals are different from the original ones. But in this case, Evolution Supreme SS has other differences from Evolution Excel, the model it is based on.

Evolution Excel often costs more than Supreme SS

It is less of a surprise that Evolution Excel costs more because it comes with the above said additional features. Both disposals are premium models so they definitely cost more than a standard garbage disposal model.

Based on offers and company policies the pricing of these two disposal units will vary, and there are times when they are priced similarly.

A quick overview of Evolution Excel and Supreme SS

Given below is the specifications of both garbage disposal models;

SpecificationsEvolution ExcelSupreme SS
Made byInSinkEratorInSinkErator
Power1 HP1 HP
Speed1725 RPM1725 RPM
Feed typeContinuousContinuous
Chamber capacity40 oz40 oz
Height13 inches13 inches
Width9 inches9 inches
ConstructionStainless steelStainless steel
Auto Reverse technologyYesNo
Jam Sensor technologyYesNo
Advanced noise insulationYesYes
Multi GrindYesYes
Pre-installed power cordOptionalNo
Sold throughAll outletsHome Depot
Warranty10 years10 years
Evolution Excel review
Comparison of Evolution Excel and Supreme SS


As mentioned above, both garbage disposal models use the same DuraDrive induction motors. They have a power of 1 HP, and they run at an RPM of 1725. In terms of performance, these garbage disposals models are the best in the industry. They can grind almost anything including chicken and beef bones which cannot be ground in other garbage disposal models. The 1 HP motor gives these disposals ample power to easily manage the food wastes from a large household of 5 or more people.

Both disposal models are continuous feed types where you can add food wastes without pausing. The 40 oz capacity grinding chamber makes it easy to dispose of large chunks of food wastes. The multi-grind technology is key in disposing of hard food items. It adds additional grinding power to the machines and ground tough food wastes into fine particles which can be easily washed away through the drain pipes without clogging.

In short, you will hardly come across a household garbage disposal that performs better than these two. If you have some extra budget these are the disposals you should get.

Dimensions and construction

The dimensions of Evolution Excel and Supreme SS garbage disposals are exactly the same. Both have a height of 13 inches and a maximum width of 9 inches. They are look-alikes, the only difference is in their color. Evolution Excel has a stainless steel and grey finish whereas the other one has a stainless steel and ruby finish.

Also, both their grinding chambers can hold 40 oz of food wastes each. These are larger than those of most other garbage disposals. These large-sized grinding chambers allow them to process more food wastes at a time thus reducing the total running time.

Both Evolution Excel and Supreme SS are made of high quality, alloy stainless steel and they also have a leak guard protection to prevent leaks and corrosion. As you know stainless steel is resistant to rust and doesn’t corrode easily, so they are an apt material to use in a machine like a garbage disposal that gets wet constantly.

The grinding components of these two disposal models too are made of stainless steel. Also, the sink flange and the mounting assembly also have stainless steel construction. In short, the whole unit is made of stainless steel and they have the best build quality among all the garbage disposal models.

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Noise insulation

Both Evolution Excel and Supreme SS models are the quietest garbage disposals in the industry. They make around only 40 decibels of sound which is quieter than a normal conversation between two people. This is achieved by the combined use of a number of noise-insulating techniques which InSinkErator calls Advanced SoundSeal technology. This technology involves multiple layers of insulation around the garbage disposals. Also, this technology tries to minimize vibrations by using anti-vibration sink mounts, and a Quiet Collar sink baffle.

SoundSeal Plus
Anti-vibration mounts
QuietCollar Sink Baffle

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Both Evolution Excel and Supreme SS use 3-bolt mounting assemblies to connect them with the sinks. The 3-bolt assembly is basically a twist and lock mechanism that secures the garbage disposal to the sink drain.

Here is a video showing how easy it is to install such a garbage disposal

Both garbage disposal models are installed the same way, and they can be swapped with each other easily.


Both Evolution Excel and Supreme SS come with a 10-year warranty which is the longest InSinkErator offers for any of its garbage disposals. This is an in-home warranty; the technician will come to your home free of charge to repair or reinstall the damaged garbage disposal. If it cannot be repaired, you can also opt for a full refund. The in-home warranty eliminates the hassle of packing the damaged disposal and sending it to the manufacturer.

Verdict: Excel or Supreme SS

Evolution Excel is a better garbage disposal than Supreme SS in all aspects, even though it is priced higher. The anti-jam technology used in the model makes sure that its operation is hassle-free. However, you can’t go wrong with choosing the Supreme SS as well. Both are good garbage disposals for the money. I also recommend checking my list of best garbage disposals if you are in search for a new one.

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