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What Noise Insulation Technologies Are Used On Garbage Disposals

Manufacturers use different types of noise insulation technologies in their garbage disposal (especially InSinkErator) to make them quieter. Here are those technologies, and let us see how they differ.

SoundSeal technology

SoundSeal is a technology used in top-end InSinkErator garbage disposals. It has three variations;

  1. SoundSeal
  2. Advanced SoundSeal
  3. SoundSeal Plus.

SoundSeal involves a single layer of open-cell insulation wrapped around the garbage disposal. This is called SoundLimiter insulation.

SoundLimiter insulation explanation

SoundSeal technology also includes an Anti-vibration mount and an anti-vibration tailpipe mount. The Anti-vibration mount provides a cushion between the kitchen sink and the garbage disposal, thus reducing the vibrations.

Anti-vibration mount explanation

Advanced SoundSeal technology involves using a QuietCollar sink baffle in addition to everything that comes with SoundSeal. QuietCollar sink baffle is specially designed to keep a layer of water over to block the sounds coming through the sinkhole. It acts as a wall between the drain hole and the sink while letting the water flow freely into the disposal unit. This is a simple but genius invention.

Working of QuietCollar sink baffle

SoundSeal Plus technology involves the use of a multi-layer noise insulation foam around the garbage disposal, in addition to everything that comes with advanced SoundSeal noise insulation. It muffles more noise than that is possible with a single, open-cell foam.

SoundSHIELD technology

SoundSHIELD technology is a sound limiting technology used in Waste King and Moen garbage disposals. Here a noise insulation foam is wrapped around the garbage disposal to muffle the sound from the motor.

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