InSinkErator Badger 1 HP Garbage Disposal

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  • 1 HP motor
  • 1725 RPM speed
  • Stainless steel grinding components
  • Quick Lock sink mount
  • 7-year warranty     
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InSinkErator Badger 1 HP is the most powerful garbage disposal in their Badger series.

Disposals with a 1 HP motor are rare from InSinkErator’s side. There are a few other models but with sky-high prices. So, the Badger 1 HP is the most affordable 1 HP garbage disposal from InSinkErator.

With a Dura-Drive induction 1 HP motor, this machine is capable of grinding hard scraps of kitchen waste at a speed of 1725 RPM. It comes with stainless-steel grinding components that guarantee a lifetime of operation without catching rust. Overall, the Badger 1 HP is a solid performance disposal that can easily handle kitchen waste of all types, thanks to its powerful motor. Let us now dive deep into its features and evaluate whether the machine is truly what they say it is.

Review of features

Power and Performance

Generally speaking, 1 HP models fall in the heavy-duty performance category of garbage disposals. A disposal’s horsepower tells its ability to grind kitchen waste. The higher the HP, the more powerful the motor, and the better the results.

Now the Badger 1 HP is from InSinkErator’s power series and doesn’t disappoint in terms of power. It can devour stubborn food leftovers and make them into a fine paste within a matter of seconds through its continuous feed system. This means that the machine can handle heavy-duty waste without malfunctioning, a major plus point.

In terms of grinding performance, the Badger 1 HP comes with a single-grind system that is nothing special, to be frank. 1 HP disposals usually come with multiple grinding stages because this feature complements the motor’s power. Multiple grinding stages also assist in cutting down the chances of potential jams. Nonetheless, the single-grind stage isn’t bad either because, in this case, the machine has enough torque to cut through jams.

Grinding Speed

The grinding speed is also one of the factors that contribute to stopping jams from happening. Basically, the faster the blades spin, the lower the chances of them hitting a wall.

A disposal’s grinding speed is measured in RPM (revolutions per minute). In regards to speed, the Badger 1 HP comes with a 1725 RPM. Once again, this is nothing extraordinary, as all InSinkErator disposals have similar speeds. Since this machine has a powerful motor, this will compensate for the lack of speed.


The durability of a garbage disposal machine is determined by the quality of its internal grinding components. The grinding components of Badger 1HP are made from high-quality stainless steel. This includes the grinding chamber, where the essential grinding is done, and the impellers. Stainless steel can make a disposal work for a lifetime. It is less prone to corrosion, and easy to clean, which gives the Badger 1 HP a plus point in terms of maintenance. You can expect the machine to last for a decade if given proper care easily.

Grinding chamber capacity

InSinkErator’s Badger 1 HP comes with a grinding capacity of 26 ounces. Since it is a continuous feed type disposal, the chamber’s size doesn’t play that much of an important role in performance. Chamber’s capacity matters when the machine devours waste in batches (batch feed type).

Badger 1 HP has the dimensions of 6.75 x 6.75 x 12.63 inches and a weight of 17.61 pounds. The build of the disposal makes it an ideal pick for homeowners looking for a powerful and compact disposal that doesn’t occupy the entirety of the sink cabinet.


Unfortunately, the Badger 1 HP does not come with any noise insulation system. Since it also has an impressively strong motor, you can expect the machine to make some noise during operation. 


Ease of Installation should also be taken into account when it comes to a garbage disposal.

Luckily, for Badger 1 HP users, installation should be an easy and simple process. It comes with a 3-bolt quick-lock mounting system to fit easily if you were previously using an InSinkErator unit. However, the machine’s heavyweight cannot be handled by everyone. We suggest you call another pair of hands for assistance in installing the unit.

Other than that, a power cord will be needed if you don’t have one from your old disposal. The Badger 1 HP does not come with its own power cord.

If this is your first time buying an InSinkErator product, make sure to go through the user manual before attempting to install the disposal. 

Price and Warranty

Badger 1 HP will cost you around $190. Most 1 HP disposals are priced in the range of $120-$350. So, it is safe to state that the Badger 1 HP is fairly priced. As a matter of fact, you’ll find other 1 HP InSinkErator disposals to be way more expensive than this one. So, we have to give credit to InSinkErator for making this one easy on the pocket.

In terms of warranty, you can expect an in-home warranty of 7 years from InSinkErator. If anything goes south in the machine, all you have to do is contact your supplier, and they’ll send over someone to take a look. This is actually a benefit worth appreciating because InSinkErator’s usual warranties rarely extend more than 5 years.  

Pros Badger 1 HP

Here are the pros of buying this garbage disposal unit;

Powerful grinding capacility

Badger 1 HP brings ample grinding power. Customer reviews have reported that the machine faced no issues in cutting through pork chop bones, corncobs, and peach pits. This means that the Badger 1 HP is undoubtedly capable of delivering extraordinary results in regard to grinding. Remember, extra horsepower always comes in handy.


It’s hard to come across a garbage disposal that boasts a 1 HP motor and doesn’t break the bank. Homeowners hesitate to spend too much money on powerful grinding machines and end up with low-quality ones. Thankfully, InSinkErator brings you the Badger 1 HP in its power series that will not cost more than $200 anywhere. Now, in general, some would even find this a bit costly but for a 1 HP disposal, the price is as fair as it can get. Not to mention the 7-year long in-home warranty that is the cherry on top of the cake.

Compact size

Badger 1 HP garbage disposal is compact in size with only 12 inches in height. This leaves you with enough room under the cabinet for its installation and plumbing, even under deep sinks. Moreover, it is hard to come across a shorter unit with a horsepower rating and an affordable price tag.


The Badger 1 HP’s installation would take no more than 30 minutes. Trim this estimate down even more if you’ve used an InSinkErator disposal before because all you’ll have to do in this case is twist your old one off and mount your new one, just like that! Moreover, the product comes with all the components you need to install it. If only InSinkErator had included the power cord as well, that would have been perfect.

Drawbacks of the Badger 1 HP

We all know that every product has its merits and drawbacks. To give you a better perspective of the Badger 1 HP from a customer’s view, here are the drawbacks of the disposal.

It is loud

Loudness is reportedly an issue in the Badger 1 HP. The disposal comes with no significant insulation systems, which is a negative point. Considering the powerful motor will likely make tons of vibrations in a minute, InSinkErator should have done something about the noise issue. But then again, the price of the Badger 1 HP might have crossed the $200 bar if it came with insulation. So, for this price, it’s best to accept the machine with this flaw.


Heavy garbage disposals can cause a backache – literally. Holding the 17 pounds unit in its place while you mount it is not something everyone is capable of doing. Though it is a compact machine, the powerful motor is the reason behind the Badger 1 HP being overweight. If you cannot get assistance from another person, we suggest using a bucket or an old paint box to position the disposal onto while you mount it from the top. This is by far the most effective solution to this problem.

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  1. Thomas Anderson

    Badger 1 HP is the most affordable 1 HP garbage disposal by InSinkErator. It also comes with a long warranty.

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