InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposal 1 HP

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  • 1.0 HP motor
  • Stainless steel body
  • SoundSeal Plus technology
  • MultiGrind Plus technology
  • 40 oz. chamber capacity
  • 10 years warranty
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The Evolution Excel garbage disposal is built to smoothly grind every ounce of your kitchen’s waste. Made out of stainless steel, the product’s specialty lies in its highly efficient ability to make almost no sound during operation.

Features of Evolution Excel

1 HP Power

Evolution Excel’s 1.0 horsepower motor can efficiently grind heavy-duty kitchen waste such as bones and hardened vegetables. InSinkErator topped this feature off with its MultiGrind technology. As the name tells, this technology grinds your waste through multiple grinding stages, thus making the particles finer and easily pass through pipes without clogging.

40 oz stainless steel grinding chamber

Evolution Excel is designed for bigger loads; it comes with a chamber capacity of 40 oz. This size is the biggest in the market, which makes the machine ideal for large volumes of waste disposal at a time.

Unlike most machines with plastic chambers, the chamber of Evolution Excel is made from the highest quality stainless steel. This ensures that the chamber handles huge loads of waste without deteriorating.

Not only do stainless steel chambers prove to be an ideal chamber with their longevity, but they are also corrosion resistant. This means that you’ll find not a single mark of rust inside the chamber even after years of use. Not to mention the ease of cleaning the chamber after every grind. Unlike plastic chambers that get sticky waste stuck to their internal body, the stainless-steel chamber allows it to slide off smoothly during cleaning.

SoundSeal Technology

We mentioned previously that one of the core specialties of Evolution Excel is its quietness. Packed with SoundLimiter insulation and anti-vibration properties, the machine is as quiet as a garbage disposal grinder can be. This feature is something that most buyers look for while hunting for garbage grinding machines.

In addition to the insulation layer, Evolution Excel has ‘Quiet Collar Sink Baffle’ that sits on the drainage mouth of your sink. It acts as a sound barrier between you and the disposer. With a thin layer of water on it, this component blocks out the grinding sound that comes from the machine.

Another noise-insulating component is the anti-vibration mount located at the center of the machine. It absorbs the vibration to a great extent. Vibration is one of the main reasons behind garbage grinding noise. These two components make the perfect sound insulation team for Evolution Excel and ensure your grinding process is as discrete as it can be.

Quick Lock Sink Mount for easy installation

Quick Lock sink mount makes the installation of Evolution Excel quick and easy. All you have to do is remove your old garbage disposal machine and screw the Evolution Excel through its sink mount.

This installation feature saves you the need for a professional installation service.

Jam Proof Grinding

We have already discussed Evolution Excel’s capability of handling big loads of garbage at a time. However, the motor is further assisted by two systems that ensure it doesn’t fail to get the job done.

First is the Jam-Sensor Circuit; This microprocessor can predict jams that are yet to happen during the grinding process. Upon noticing that the motor seems to be slowing down, it boosts the rotational torque 5x more than the original. This results in the motor cutting through the jam with ease and getting back to normal grinding. All of this happens without your interference. The machine detects the issue before it even occurs and handles it like nothing.

Second is the Auto-Reverse grind system technology that cuts down the chances of a jam happening even more. Much like the Jam-Sensor Circuit tech, this system is also automated and activates itself when needed. It sets the grind in the reverse direction every time a jam happens, thus unjamming itself.


InSinkErator offers a full 10-year warranty for the machine. Moreover, the best part is that this warranty is applicable for in-home faults. This means you won’t have to undergo the hassle of returning the machine to your supplier or buying new parts to replace the faulty ones. InSinkErator itself will take care of the job by sending someone right over to your place to make things right.


Reliability is a rare element when it comes to garbage grinding machines. You always have to keep an eye out for jams and malfunctions during the grinding process. One big bone gets there and the grinder gets jammed. InSinkErator’s Evolution Excel brings you a worry-free grinding experience. Thanks to its brilliant jam-proofing systems that include the auto-reverse feature, you can turn the machine on and simply forget that it’s on. There won’t be any need to keep checking for potential jams and blockages. Rest assured your garbage is in the safe hands of a reliable disposal machine.

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    This is an excellent garbage disposal for a large house, powerful, quiet and reliable!

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