Moen GXP33C 1/3 HP Garbage Disposal

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  • 1/3 HP motor
  • 1900 RPM speed
  • Pre-installed power cord
  • 5-year in-home warranty
  • Compact design
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Moen’s GXP33C is a compact garbage disposal with a 1/3 HP motor. It is ideal for small families that produce minimal amounts of kitchen waste. This is the only garbage disposal from Moen that has a 1/3 HP motor. The target customer for this disposal is the small household, that hosts people no more than around two or four.

Review of product features

Let’s take a look at the important features of Moen GX33C

Motor Power

Moen GXP33C has a 1/3 HP permanent magnet Vortex motor. This is a continuous feed type garbage disposal. It is able to grind kitchen waste easily as long as it is not given more than it can chew. Of course, the 1/3 HP motor is not built to withstand rough and tough food waste, nor is meant for heavy-duty. It is ideal for soft kitchen waste such as fruits, leftover pasta, or vegetable tops.

Speed and Jam-Resistance 

Higher speed levels mean that a disposer can get the job done fast. The grinding impellers will spin fast, resulting in fewer clogs and jams.

Moen GXP33C spins at 1900 RPM. In general, this is nothing special, but for a compact disposal with a 1/3 HP motor, this feature is indeed a game-changer. You’ll find way better speed from other garbage disposals of Moen, but then again, smaller units like the GXP33C work differently.

Sound Level

Generally speaking, garbage disposals with HP below ½ are not that noisy. This is because their motors are light and they are designed for minimal grinding. Since they are not entirely quiet, most still have a layer of foam in them to hold the vibrations into place. The GXP33C doesn’t come with any technology that reduces its noise.

However, the majority of its customer reviews report that the machine is neither too loud nor quiet, but quieter than other disposals of the same level. So, noise won’t be a big problem if you decide to go for the GXP33C.


GXP33C is specifically built to fit in tight storage spaces. It has a compact design and weighs no more than 8 lbs. As for its height, the machine barely extends above a foot in length. Lightweight and small size make the perfect duo for a compact garbage disposal.

Moving on to aesthetics, the disposal does look appealing. It has a black body in the shape of a thermos and a chrome mount as its head. Moen’s garbage disposals are, although known for their looks, the GXP33C is just okay. However, you will find the black exterior looking neat and clean for a long while due to its material.

Lastly, the disposal also comes with a removable splashguard that allows you to clean it easily.


The GXP33C comes with a corrosion-resistant chamber along with grinding components derived from galvanized steel. Now, galvanized steel isn’t the ideal material when it comes to durability, but it can still give the disposal a good time below the sink.

A stainless steel garbage disposal would have been better, the GXP33C is average when it comes to durability. It does have a few parts made from stainless steel, like the drain flange. That’s going to help contribute to the longevity of the machine.


Once you buy the GXP33C, installation should be easy. It comes with a 3-bolt lock and mount system to make the job easier. Moen specifically designed this mount to be compatible with other mainstream brands like Waste King and InSinkErator. A quick read of the instruction manual is all you will need.

Also, the disposal’s lightweight and compact size makes its installation easier.

A feature worth appreciating is the pre-installed power cord that comes with the disposal. This will save you both time and money as you won’t have to buy a cord separately or install it onto the disposer. So, all you have to do is dismount your old garbage disposal and mount your new one, then plug in the cord. It’s as simple as that. 


We all know that low-powered garbage disposals are inexpensive, and such is the case with the GXP33C. Moen charges you no more than around $100 for this unit. It appears that the price is neither too much nor too less; it’s quite fair for a disposal with minimal grinding power. However, there are certain garbage disposals out there that bring some tough competition for the GXP33C, especially from Waste King. Nonetheless, the price is just fine, and worth the features this machine brings to the table. 


You’ll find different information regarding the warranty from marketplaces such as Amazon or Home Depot. Moen’s official website says the GXP33C comes with a 5-year in-home warranty. An in-home warranty means a professional will come by your house to take a look if a component of the machine fails within the warranty period.

Moen usually does not give warranties above 2 years to its smaller units, so we have to say that this is certainly a relief for new customers. Speaking of, Moen is known for its brilliant customer service. So, even if something goes wrong with the disposal, Moen will have your back.

Pros of Moen’s GXP33C

  • Compact in size
  • Affordable price
  • Long term warranty
  • Easy installation as it comes with a power cord
  • Removable splash guard for easy cleaning


  • Doesn’t have any noise insulation
  • Not suitable for grinding tough food wastes

1 review for Moen GXP33C 1/3 HP Garbage Disposal

  1. Merry Marker

    Moen GXP33C is a stunning garbage disposal in terms of looks and power. It may not be the most powerful, but it grinds all vegetable waste and some more.

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