Waste King L-8000 1 HP Garbage Disposal

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  • Horse power: 1 HP
  • Speed: 2800 RPM
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Feed type: Continuous
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A Waste King L-8000 disposal unit offers powerful features comparable to any expensive counterpart at a reasonable price.

Given below are its features;


Easy installation with EZ Mount system

Waste King comes with an EZ Mount system which makes the installation an easy process. This has a simple twist mechanism to hold the garbage disposal in position without having to tighten any screws.


The Waste King L-8000 is a lightweight garbage disposal. The fact that it’s so light also makes it easier to install when compared to other models. This one only weighs 11.94 pounds, so it’s easy to maneuver.

Pre-installed Power Cord

If your home already has a power outlet in place to use with your garbage disposal, you’ll be glad to find that there is a pre-installed power cord included with L-8000. It will save you the cost of purchasing a power cord separately and then hiring a professional to install it. All you need to do is make sure you have a power outlet if you choose Waste King L-8000! 

Fast Operation

While many disposal units require you to pre-cut your food into tiny pieces before grinding, some can handle even large scraps without any prepping. A quick operation is a must if you have a lot of kitchen waste that needs grinding or already-chopped foods you want to dispose of quickly. L-8000 has a powerful motor and a continuous feed disposal mechanism, making scrap grinding an efficient and quick job.

Stainless Steel Components

Waste King uses top-quality components in its L-8000 disposal units. For example, the grinding impellers and grinding chamber are both made up of high-quality stainless steel that is not only corrosion-free but is also helpful in minimizing jams.

Removable Splash Guard

L-8000 comes with a removable splash guard. The splash guard prevents waste from splashing out into the kitchen sink when the disposal unit is grinding. You can easily remove the guard for cleaning or get anything out of the hopper that falls into it accidentally.

Acceptable Noise Level

The L-8000’s noise level is on par with most other garbage disposals on the market, making it a suitable choice for apartments and small kitchens. It uses SoundSHIELD technology that claims to reduce noise output considerably.

Lifetime Warranty

Waste King L-8000 offers a lifetime warranty for the primary owner. Companies usually can get away with such an extended warranty, but in many cases, it shows the confidence they have in their products. L-8000 is a great quality product and this lifetime warranty is proof!


The Waste King L 8000 is affordable waste disposal with high ratings, positive reviews, and great features often found on more expensive models. It offers excellent features that match expensive brands while it is priced at a medium range.

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Some Downsides of Waste King L-8000

While this product offers many benefits, customers should consider some downsides before making their final decision. In this review, we are looking at both sides to help you make an informed decision. As a result, you can decide whether or not this product will best suit your needs. 

Large size

L8000 is not a compact garbage disposal. It has a height of 16 inches, making it taller than most other garbage disposals in the market. So if you have a deep sink, or there is less space under the kitchen sink, L8000 may not be the right choice for you.

It doesn’t have an unjamming hole

Most garbage disposals come with a hex keyhole at their bottom which can be used to unjam the disposal manually. But Waste King L8000 doesn’t have any such slots. This makes unjamming it difficult. You will have to insert a specially designed unjamming wrench for this purpose.

1 review for Waste King L-8000 1 HP Garbage Disposal

  1. Martin Pop

    This is the most powerful garbage disposal by Waste King, suitable for folks who cook often.

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