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5 Ways To Dispose Of Your Old Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are reliable plumbing appliances that require minimum maintenance. But at some point, they will either break down, or you will decide to upgrade. When that happens, what do you do with your old garbage disposal?

Your old garbage disposal can be donated to organizations like Salvation Army or Goodwill. You can also opt to recycle your garbage disposal, use a pickup service to scrap and recycle it or send it to the landfill using a garbage collection service.

How to get rid of old garbage disposal

1. Donate the garbage disposal if it is working

If your garbage disposal is in good working condition, donate it to non-profit organizations like Salvation Army or Goodwill. Many people are looking for used appliances, so you are helping them and helping the environment.

There are also many local charity shops to which you can donate garbage disposals and other old appliances. Check your local authority website or simply Google for such shops nearby.

That being said, not all charities are willing to take garbage disposals since these appliances are basically food grinders; there will be some debris in them even if they are cleaned. So most charity shops don’t think that garbage disposals are fit to be sold like a used refrigerator or an oven.

But still, you will be able to find some organizations in your locality that take them. If you can’t find any suck local charity shops you can book a pickup with national-level organizations like Salvation Army through their websites.

2. Sell on Craiglist

Instead of donating to charities, you can also sell your old garbage disposals in marketplaces like Craiglist and Facebook. Here is a Craiglist listing showcasing many garbage disposals – https://denver.craigslist.org/d/for-sale/search/sss?query=garbage%20disposal. Many people are looking for a good, working garbage disposal, so you won’t find any difficulty finding a buyer.

You can also use your garage sale to sell the old garbage disposal. Or give it to a friend for free or for a fee.

Whether you are donating or selling, make sure to clean your garbage disposal. Garbage disposals can be really nasty and smelly, and nobody would want them to come with any freebies!

3. Recycle the garbage disposal

The best and most environmental-friendly way to dispose of your garbage disposal is recycling it.

Yes, you can recycle garbage disposals. These appliances are made mainly of plastic and metal. By taking apart the garbage disposal and separating the metal and plastic, one can easily recycle it. It is not as easy as you think though. Taking apart a garbage disposal is going to take time and lots of effort as the parts of these grinding machines are firmly sealed together. If you are interested, here is a detailed guide on how to recycle an old garbage disposal.

4. Use a curbside pickup

Many cities have curbside pickup services to remove unwanted home appliances, including garbage disposals. If you are not keen on dismantling your garbage disposal, you can opt for their service. The rules on what you can dispose of via curbside pickup vary from city to city, so you may need to check with your local authorities first by either calling them or checking their website. The details of what they can pick up, their fee, and their timings are detailed on the website of your area’s governing body, and the pickup can be ordered online along with the payment.

5. Use as a compost shredder

If your garbage disposal still works, use it as a compost shredder to shred food wastes, leaves, and such soft items.

Here is a video of using a garbage disposal as a compost shredder;

Interesting idea, isn’t it? The first time I came across this idea what while browsing youtube. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find that video so I am sharing this one instead.

What is done here is connecting a large pipe to the mouth of the garbage disposal. Using a hopper would have been a better idea. The dishwasher inlet of the garbage disposal is used to run water while lots of leaves are showed down its mouth. It is important to run plenty of water while doing this because garbage disposals are easily clogged if you put the wrong type of food wastes into them, and leaves are not on that list of disposal-friendly foods.

The outlet of the garbage disposal is opened to a tank holding to hold the compost. It is also important to have lots of holes in this tank to drain the water that is coming along with the shredded leaves.

I think this is the best thing you can do with your old garbage disposal that works.

My name is Thomas Anderson, and I have worked briefly as a plumber. Even though I am currently working on a different career path I still help out my friends and family with their plumbing issues. This is a hobby blog where I share my knowledge with the audience through random articles. Through this blog, I hope to address some common questions about garbage disposals.