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Waste King l-1001 vs l-2600: A Detailed Comparison

L-1001 and L-2600 are two similar, 1/2 HP garbage disposals made by Waste King. They are very similar in their specifications. There are a few differences too, but what are they?

Waste King 1001 comes with a shorter warranty than L-2600 garbage disposal. The build quality of L-1001 is also slightly inferior to that of L-2600 disposer. Also, Waste King 2600 is bigger in size and visually different when compared to Waste King 1001.

Let’s see more about these differences in detail;

Differences between Waste King 1001 and 2600 detailed

Waste King 1001

Waste King 2600


Waste King 2600 garbage disposal is covered under a 5-year limited warranty whereas the warranty coverage for Waste King 1001 is only for two years. As per the company’s warranty document, these limited warranties cover parts and labor. If the machine fails within the warranty period due to manufacturing defects the company will replace the parts or replace the entire unit free of charge.

However, if the labor also includes removing or reinstalling anything other than the garbage disposal, including sink, plumbing, etc, that cost will not be covered by the company. Also, these warranties are not transferrable to the subsequent owners, so if you sell your house the new owner is not eligible for this warranty. Also for commercial installations, the warranty coverage is limited to 1-year for both Waste King 1001 and 2600 disposals.

Speaking of these warranty periods, these are the longest warranties among all garbage disposals within this power range. The main competitor, InSinkErator Badger 1, is covered only for 1-year.

Quality of grinding components

The build qualities of these two garbage disposals are the same except for their grinding components. The internal grinding components of L-2600 are made of stainless steel which is resistant to rust and corrosion. The griding components of the L-1001 disposer are made of galvanized steel which is also durable but it is not as good as stainless steel.

The grinding chambers of both garbage disposal models are made of high-quality plastic. This same material is used in all Waste King garbage disposals including the top-end ones, so there is no need to worry about its quality.

Even though the quality of the grinding components is different, this doesn’t have any effect on their performance. As written above the warranty period for the Waste King 2600 model is longer than the other, I suspect it could be because of this superiority of its grinding components. I don’t see any other reason why, if you know what it is feel free to let me know in the comments.


Another difference between 2600 and 1001 model garbage disposals is their dimensions. Waste King 2600 has a height of 13.5 inches and it has a width of 6.75 inches. Waste King 1001 disposal has a more compact size with a height of 12.75 inches and a width of 5.25 inches.

They also differ in their weights. The 2600 model disposal weighs 7.83 lbs while the other one weighs 7.5 lbs.

Comparison of dimensions of Waste King 1001 and 2600
Comparison of dimensions of Waste King 1001 and 2600


The price of a Waste King 2600 is almost always more than that of a Waste King L-1001 model. The difference in their pricing is significant too. That being said there are times, like discount sales when the price difference between these two models becomes reduced.

A Quick overview of Waste King’s L-1001 & L-2600 garbage disposals

SpecificationsWaste King 1001Waste King 2600
Power1/2 HP1/2 HP
Speed2600 RPM2600 RPM
Feed typeContinuousContinuous
Grind chamber materialGlass-filled nylonGlass-filled nylon
Grinding componentsGalvanized steelStainless steel
Height12.75 inches13.5 inches
Width5.25 inches6.75 inches
Warranty1-year5 years
InstallationEZ mountEZ mount
Check Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon
Comparison of the specifications of Waste King 1001 & 2600

As mentioned before both Waste King L-1001 and L-2600 have a lot of things in common. Let’s see how they compare each other in those aspects.


The performance of a garbage disposal is an important buying factor, people need various food wastes disposed of and they want to get this done with ease. Do these garbage disposals live upto that expectation?

Waste King’s L-1001 and L-2600 garbage disposals have a 1/2 HP Vortex permanent magnet motor which runs at a speed of 2600 RPM. Compared to their main competition these garbage disposals run very fast. This high speed provides these machines with a high power per pound enabling them to dispose of food scraps with ease. The high speed also helps to grind food wastes faster and finer.

Both these garbage disposal models are continuous feed type where you can add food wastes continuously into the disposers while they are running. This feature makes using these garbage disposals faster and more convenient even though there is always the risk of some spoons or forks accidentally falling into these machines. These 1/2 HP garbage disposals are an apt choice for a small household with two or three people.


The installations of both Waste King 2600 and 1001 follow the exact same procedure. Both disposal models use EZ Mount assembly to hook them up with the sink. This assembly is a simple twist and lock mechanism where a garbage disposal is connected to a specially designed sink flange by twisting and locking it in place. Here is a video detailing an EZ mounting assembly;

Both garbage disposal models use the same EZ mount and hence they can be swapped with each other easily. However, the heights required for the drain pipes from the bottom of the sink for these two disposals are slightly different so you may have to adjust the pipes when replacing one model with the other.

Both L-2600 and L-1001 come with preinstalled power cords. This makes their installations easier when you have power outlets under the kitchen sink. If you don’t have a power outlet you will have to install a new one or rip off the plug and hardwire the disposals. Both models are compact in size, so they can be installed under deep sinks. However, they can’t be installed if the sink thickness is more than 1/2 inches.

Verdict: Waste King L-1001 or L-2600

There is a significant price difference between the two disposal models at the time of writing this article. The pricier model, L-2600, doesn’t offer a better package enough to justify this price difference. So, in my opinion, Waste King 1001 is the better choice.

Waste King 1001

Waste King 2600

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