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How To Remove & Replace Garbage Disposal Splash Guard (InSinkErator, Waste King)

Garbage disposal splash guards are installed in the sink to help contain the splashing and sloshing of water during the use of your garbage disposal. Removing and replacing a splash guard becomes inevitable if it gets cracked and doesn’t perform its duties well.

Splash guards can be removed easily, involving little to no effort depending upon the model and type of splash guard one has. I will discuss the method in detail in this article, so keep reading!

A new splash guard doesn’t cost a lot, and it is relatively easy to remove and replace. So, there is no excuse to put off this work for the unforeseeable future!

Let us understand a few basic things about splash guards before we get to the actual task of removing the old guard and putting a new one in its place.

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What is a splash guard?

A garbage disposal splash guard is a piece of rubber that prevents food and liquids from splashing out into the sink when you’re running your garbage disposal. It also prevents, to some extent, items like spoons or forks from going down the drain or into the disposal. Garbage disposals are universal as they fit the same sinkhole size, but the splash guards are not universal. They have different shapes and types, and they fit on various disposals differently.

Why does the splash guard need to be removed?

The main reasons for removing garbage disposal splash guards are to clean them and to replace them.

The underside of the splash guards is always sticking with ground food particles from the garbage disposals. These food wastes over time rot and can even lead to the growth of gnats and flies. Therefore, the splash guards need to be regularly removed for cleaning.

Also, splash guards deteriorate over time and need to be replaced. When you replace them, your disposer should work better and last longer. In addition, sometimes, you need to remove the splash guard if you require unjamming the disposal blades.

Is it easy to remove a splash guard?

Some garbage disposal models, like Waste Kings, have a removable splash guard. So, you can just lift them out through the sinkhole and clean them or replace them easily with a new one when needed. However, some models, like InSinkErator, have splash guards fixed onto the disposal under the sink, and we have to unhook the disposal from the sink to remove and replace the splash guard.

You can always hire a professional to do it for you, but if you like DIYing, it is an effortless job to do on your own and can save you some money as well! Also, it’s better to seek assistance from a family member when disconnecting the disposal as it makes the task easier. Moreover, removing and replacing a fixed splash guard will usually take about 15 to 20 minutes.

Which garbage disposals have a removable splash guard?

The Waste King’s garbage disposals have a removable splash guard which sits into the sinkhole instead of going underneath the sink into the disposal. It makes removing and replacing the splash guard a straightforward task and saves you from the hassle of unhooking the disposal from the sink.

InSinkErator has some models with removable splash guards, such as Evolution Excel, which comes with an easy-to-remove splash guard. While InSinkErator Badger series does not have a removable splash guard making it a bit difficult to remove the splash guard when needed.

Moen’s Chef Series, Prep Series, Lite Series, and Host Series all come with a removable splash guard making your life easier when you have to reach out and clean under your splash guard!

How to remove & Replace a garbage disposal splash guard

Here’s how to remove garbage disposal splash guards so you can keep your disposal working in excellent condition!

Disconnect power supply

Turn off your disposal at the breaker if your disposal is hardwired. If you have plugged it in under the sink socket, unplug it. Confirm to ensure it is turned off before working on it.

If the splash guard is removable (Waste King, Moen)

For garbage disposals by Waste King and Moen, the splash guards are removable through the sink drain hole. Grab the flaps of the splash guard with a pair of pliers and turn counterclockwise to loosen it from the disposal drain, and lift it away from the disposal with a firm grip. And simply push in a new splash guard to replace it.

Removing Waste King/Moen splash guard

If the splash guard is under the sink (InSinkErator)

In the case of InSinkErator Badger models, the garbage disposal needs to be unmounted to remove the splash guard. In this case, the splash guard is installed between the disposal and the sink flange.

Time needed: 20 minutes

Here are the steps to follow to remove the InSinkErator splash guard;

  1. Disconnect the garbage disposal from the mains power supply

    Make sure that the garbage disposal is not electrically connected. Turn off the disposal switch as well as the circuit breaker.

  2. Disconnect drain and dishwasher pipes

    You need to disconnect the drain pipes and the dishwasher connection, if installed, to remove the garbage disposal. Keeping the dishwasher hose is fine since that pipe is flexible, but the same cannot be said for drain pipes. Prepare to handle any water coming out of the drain pipes.

  3. Remove the disposal from the collar

    Badger garbage disposal uses a 3-bolt assembly where the disposal unit is hooked to the sink by twisting it into a collar. Using a screwdriver, release the disposal from the collar by twisting it in the counterclockwise direction. Make sure to support the garbage disposal from the bottom to prevent it from falling.

  4. Remove and replace the splash guard

    The splash guard sits on top f the garbage disposal. Since the garbage disposal is now released from the collar, you can simply pluck the splash guard from the top of the disposal and replace it with a new one.

  5. Mount the garbage disposal and connect the pipes

    Once the splash guard is replaced, mount the garbage disposal back onto the collar using a screwdriver, and reconnect the pipes as well. Turn on the power to confirm it is working again.

The video below shows how to replace InSinkErator splash guards.

Wrap up

This article covers everything from the different types of garbage disposal splash guards to removing a splash guard. So, you can finally take care of your disposal yourself and not have to call an expensive plumber every time something goes wrong or you have to remove the splash guard.

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