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Reset Moen Garbage Disposal (Steps & Reset Button Location)

Moen garbage disposals are popular. Due to their unique design, people find it difficult to find the reset button location and reset it. Here are the steps to resetting Moen garbage disposals, and also finding its reset button for for those who don’t know.

How to reset a Moen garbage disposal

Resetting a Moen garbage disposal is pretty straightforward. When you turn on the power and the Moen garbage disposal is not working, check the reset button. If it is pushed out from its regular place, it means that the internal breaker is tripped. Now you have to reset it. Here is how it is done;

  1. Turn off the garbage disposal.
  2. Push the reset button back into position using a screwdriver or a similar tool. Turn on the Moen garbage disposal again. See if it starts working.
  3. If the reset button doesn’t stay retracted, it means that something is jamming the garbage disposal. In that case, turn off the disposer again.
  4. Look for any objects that are possibly obstructing its rotor. It could be a metal object or a hard food item. Use a flashlight and look into the Moen disposer through the sinkhole. Remove the object.
  5. If you cannot find anything blocking the rotor, insert a broom handle or a garbage disposal wrench through the sinkhole and rotate it till the Moen disposer starts to move freely.
  6. Push the reset button again and start the disposer.

If the reset button is not working, try again after 15 minutes. If the Moen garbage disposer is still not running, then this may be due to some other damages. In this case, it is better to use the help of a professional.

Moen garbage disposal reset video

Where is the reset button on a Moen garbage disposal

The reset button of a Moen garbage disposal is located inside a hole on the bottom part of its forward-facing side, i.e., the opposite side of where the power cord is. For some models, the reset buttons are a little hard to see, and you will need a screwdriver or some long tool to reach them.

Image showing the location of a Moen garbage disposal reset button
Image showing the location of a Moen garbage disposal reset button

This problem is especially true for the Moen garbage disposal model GX75C and GXP50C. For other Moen garbage disposals, the reset button is red in color, but for some unknown reason, the reset buttons on Moen GX75C and GXP50C are the same color as the garbage disposals, so it is hard to locate.

Moen garbage disposal reset button location video

What is the reset button for?

The purpose of a reset button is to reset the garbage disposal in the event it overloads. There are many reasons why a garbage disposal is overloaded. It can be due to the cramping all the food waste into the unit. It can also be because of some hard food items like beef bones or a spoon or a fork that accidentally fell into the disposer. An internal breaker inside the disposer unit disconnects it from the power supply to avoid any damage in such events. When you press the reset button, this electric connection is re-established.

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