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Where To Find Reset Button On Garbage Disposal (All Brands)

All garbage disposals, irrespective of their brand, come with a reset button. Its purpose is to reset an overloaded garbage disposal.

For most garbage disposals, the reset button is on the front-facing side under the logo. For InSinkErator garbage disposals, the reset button is on the bottom side of the unit.

Reset button on a garbage disposal
Reset button locations on Waste King and InSinkErator

So in this article, I am listing the popular garbage disposal brands and the locations of reset buttons on them;

Reset button locations by brand

As mentioned earlier, all garbage disposals come with reset buttons, but their location may vary depending on the manufacturer. Here is where to find the reset buttons of popular disposal brands;

Garbage Disposal Brand NameReset Button Location
Waste KingAt the bottom part of the front-facing side
InSinkEratorAt the bottom-facing side
MoenAt the bottom of the front-facing side (Read more about Moen reset button)
GEAt the bottom part of the front-facing side
WhirlpoolAt their bottom-facing side
KitchenAidAt the bottom side
Waste MaidAt the bottom part of the front-facing side
BonecrusherAt the bottom part of their front-facing side
CriterionAt the bottom part of the front-facing side
EvergrindAt their bottom side
EverbiltAt the bottom part of the front-facing side
FrigidaireAt the bottom part of the front-facing side
WhirlawayAt the bottom part of the front-facing side
Table listing the location of reset buttons on popular garbage disposal brands

As you can see from the above table, the reset button of the majority of garbage disposals is located on their housing’s front-facing side. Reset buttons are either red or black.

Waste King

The reset buttons on all Waste King garbage disposal models are on the front-facing side, just below the logo.

Location of Waste King reset button
Reset button location on Waste King units

As you can see in the above picture, there is a small opening towards the bottom of Waste King disposers, inside which the reset button is placed. The reset button is red in color and is easily accessible. The shape of the opening prevents the reset button from being pressed accidentally.


The reset button is located on the bottom side of InSinkErator garbage disposals. The button is red in color.

Location of InSinkErator garbage disposal Reset Button
Location of InSinkErator Reset Button

To be honest, it is not easy to locate this reset button since it is hidden from view. You will have to either crouch down and look with the help of a flashlight or feel it. It is much easier if you already know where the reset button is. However, when the reset button is pushed (which happens when it jams and needs to be reset), it is pretty easy to feel it with your hand.

InSinkErator offers a range of popular garbage disposals. The location of the reset button is the same across all these different models, So whether you have InSinkErator Badger 5, Evolution Excel, Badger 1, or Evolution Compact, the reset button can be found at its bottom side.


The reset button on the Moen garbage disposal is towards the bottom of the side opposite where the drain outlet is. This is the same side that labels the horsepower rating of the disposer.

Even though the Moen reset button is red in color, and contrasts with the unit’s black color, it isn’t easy to find due to its remote position. In the case of the GX series, the reset button is inside a hole and can be reached only using a screwdriver or an Allen key.

What is a reset button for

A reset button is used to reset a garbage disposal’s motor if it has become jammed. The button is typically a recessed button on the bottom or side of the unit, and pressing this will reset the motor so you can flush food through your disposer again.

Working of reset button

When overloaded or when there is a power surge, the circuit associated with the reset button disconnects the garbage disposal from the mains, thus protecting it from damage. Once the problem is solved, the reset button is used to reset the tripped circuit, thus restoring the garbage disposal.

It’s also good to know how to reset the garbage disposal since it may jam at any time, and you’ll want to restart it.

Here is how to reset a garbage disposal;

  1. Turn off the garbage disposal
  2. Remove whatever is jamming the disposal
  3. Press the reset button
  4. Turn on the disposal

I also have a detailed guide to reset the garbage disposal for your reference. Also, feel free to check this article: reset button not working.

Do all garbage disposals have a reset button?

All garbage disposals have a reset button. Without a reset button, a garbage disposal risks the chance of electrical hazards. Overloading the garbage disposal can lead to a burnt-out motor, and in very rare cases, fire.

To prevent the garbage disposal and the house from possible hazards, it is made mandatory to have a reset button on all garbage disposals.

My name is Thomas Anderson, author of DisposalQA. I have 15 years experience working as a plumber in CA, and this is where I answer common questions about garbage disposals.