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Waste King 3200 vs 3300: 3 Key Differences Explained

L-3200 and L-3300 (‘L’ stands for ‘Legend’) are two very similar and top rated garbage disposals by Waste King. Are you curious to know about the differences between these two models? Here you go;

Waste King 3300 is a bit larger than Waste King 3200. Another difference is that Waste King 3200 has only 8 years of warranty coverage whereas that of Waste King 3300 is 10 years. The third difference is the price; Waste King 3300 costs a little more than the other.

Waste King 3200 garbage disposal

Waste King 3200

Waste King 3300 garbage disposal

Waste King 3300

Now that you know what the differences between these two garbage disposal models are, let’s see them in detail.

Waste King 3300 vs 3200: Differences

Waste King 3300 is bigger than Waste King 3200

Comparison of dimensions of Waste King 3200 and Waste King 3300
Comparison of dimensions of Waste King 3200 and 3300

As you can see from the picture above Waste King 3300 disposer is slightly bigger than Waste King 3200. Waste King 3300 has a height of 14.5 inches whereas that of Waste King 3200 is 13.75 inches; they are different by 0.5 inches.

The overall widths of these two disposers are also slightly different. The 3200 model unit has a width of 7.75 inches while the other one is 8.5 inches in width.

This also means that Waste King 3300 weighs slightly more than the other; it weighs 10 lbs whereas Waste King 3200 disposer weighs 8.6 lbs.

Even though their dimensions are different it is easy to replace a Waste King 3200 model with a Waste King 3300 disposer and vice versa. This is because both units use the same EZ mounting assembly for installation, and both of them follow the same installation procedure. Also, the heights of the drain pipe from the sink for both garbage disposals are the same, which means you can replace one with the other without redoing the plumbing.

Waste King 3300 has a longer warranty than 3200

Waste King 3300 garbage disposal comes with a 10-year limited warranty whereas for Waste King 3200 it is only 8 years. I am not sure why the former unit has a longer warranty even though the build quality of both models is the same and so are the technologies used for both.

The limited warranty offered by Waste King covers is an in-home warranty that covers parts and labor. If the machine fails within the warranty period and Waste King is not able to rectify the problem you can get fully refunded or opt for a replacement which will be done free of charge. This is just like the in-home warranty offered for InSinkErator garbage disposals but there is a difference. For a Waste King, the warranty is not transferable unlike for an InSinkErator. That means if you bought and installed a Waste King disposer in your home and later sold the home to another person along with the disposer the new owner won’t be covered under Waste King’s warranty.

Also, this limited warranty duration is applicable only for residential installation. If the garbage disposal is installed in a commercial space the warranty period is only 1-year for both Waste King 3300 and 3200. All the other terms in the warranty, except this duration, are the same for both residential and commercial installations. (Reference)

Waste King 3300 usually costs more than Waste King 3200

Waste King 3300 is usually priced a bit higher than 3200 units due to its long warranty and the slightly bigger size. However, these prices are subjected to change during special occasions so it is not unheard of to get a 3300 unit at the price of the other. So definitely looks for offers and discount sales.

An overall summary of Waste King 3200 & 3300

Now that you know what the differences between these two garbage disposals are, let’s see more about them. Here is a comparison of their specifications;

SpecificationsWaste King 3200Waste King 3300
Made byWaste KingWaste King
Power3/4 HP3/4 HP
Speed2700 RPM2700 RPM
Feed typeContinuousContinuous
Grinding materialStainless steelStainless steel
Grind chamber materialReinforced polymerReinforced polymer
Dimensions13.75″ height x 7.75″ width14.5″ height x 8.5″ width
Warranty8 years10 years
Splash guardRemovableRemovable
Preinstalled power cordYesyes
MountEZ MountEZ Mount
Check price on AmazonCheck price on Amazon
Comparison of specifications of Waste King 3200 and 3000


The performances of both Waste King 3200 & 3300 are at par with each other. Both are powered by the exact same motor. They both use a permanent magnet motor that delivers a power of 3/4 HP. This motor runs at a high speed of 2700 RPM. This higher speed enables these machines to easily dispose of food wastes including lemon and lime wedges which some competing models like Badger 5 cannot do.

Both these Waste King units are continuous feed-type disposals. This means that you can continuously add food wastes into them without while the machines are running. There is also another type of garbage disposal called batch feed where you have to first add all the food scraps into the machine and then turn it on using a magnetic cover. A continuous disposer is more convenient to use than a batch feed type one.

3/4 HP garbage disposals are an apt choice for large households with 3 to 5 people. They have enough grinding power to dispose of large amounts of food wastes at a time. So if you have many people in the house, or if you think you could do with some extra grinding power, these two 3/4 HP garbage disposals are a good choice.


Waste King garbage disposals are mostly made of high-quality plastic. That means their body as well as the grinding chamber where the grinding takes place is made of this plastic material. Does that mean these disposers are not durable? No. Waste King has been making garbage disposals for a long time now, and the materials used in their disposals are time-tested. These materials are corrosion resistant and last for a long time. Being plastic, they don’t rust either.

Their internal grinding components, which include a circular disk and shearing ring are all made of stainless steel which is resistant to rust and corrosion.

If you are still not sure about the quality of construction of these garbage disposals, look at their warranty. Waste King offers the longest warranties in the industry. They wouldn’t do it if their machines failed shortly after installation. So there is no need to doubt the quality of construction of Waste King 3200 and 3300 garbage disposals.


Waste King uses a twist and lock mechanism called EZ mount to connect their garbage disposals with kitchen sinks. The working of this mechanism is similar to that of 3-bolt mount, which is used in all InSinkErator-made garbage disposals.

The installations of Waste King 3200 and 3300 follow the same procedure and are pretty easy. Below is a video showing the installation of another Waste King model, and this is exactly how these two garbage disposals too are installed.

Both 3200 & 3300 disposers come with preinstalled power cords. This makes the installation further easier for beginners.

Another thing to note about them is the splash guard. These splash guards are installed from the top, through the drain hole, after the installation of the garbage disposal. These splash guards are easily removable for cleaning. Once you clean them make sure that you push them all the way down. If the disposers sound noisier than before, not putting the splash guards back correctly is a possible reason.

Verdict: Waste King 3200 or 3300?

Both 3200 and 3300 garbage disposals are good and worth the money. I can’t say one is better than the other. Their prices are different, WK 3300 disposer costs more, so if you can get that at the price of the 3200 buy it. Otherwise, both are good choices.

Waste King 3200 garbage disposal

Waste King 3200

Waste King 3300 garbage disposal

Waste King 3300


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