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Are Garbage Disposal Splash Guards Universal [Also Best Picks]

As you know, garbage disposals are universal; they are all made to fit a standards 3.5-inch sink drain hole. But doesn’t that mean the splash guards used in them too are universal?

Garbage disposal splash guards are not universal. Different brands and models of garbage disposals require different types of splash guards. A splash guard suitable for one model of garbage disposal may not be compatible with another model.

Let us see more about what splash guards are and why they are not universal.

Why are garbage disposal splash guards not universal

A garbage disposal’s splash guard is a rubber flange used to prevent water and food waste from splashing out of the garbage disposal.

garbage disposal splash guards
garbage disposal splash guards

Garbage disposal splash guards vary in size and design. They mainly come in two diameters; 3.25 inches and 3.125 inches. Garbage disposal models by the brands Waste King, Cleesink, GE, Whirlaway, etc use 3.125inch splash guards, whereas those models by InSinkErator, Emerson, etc use 3.25-inch splash guards.

Splash guards also differ in their design and placement. The splash guards of Waste King disposals are easily removable from the top. All you have to do is pull it out through the sinkhole. But for some InSinkErator disposal models like Badger, the splash guards are not removable. To take them out, you will have to dismount the garbage disposal from the sink. This makes it difficult to clean these splash guards.

However, the splash guards of some Evolution series garbage disposals are removable like Waste Kings. But the size of their splash guards is 3.25 inches nonetheless.

The splash guards used in InSinkErator Evolution disposals are different from others in their design. They have a special shape that retains a layer of water on them which muffles the noise coming out of the disposal. They are called QuietCollar Sink Baffles. Splash guards used in any other garbage disposal models do not have this feature.

The splash guards of some Evolution series disposals come with an anti-microbial coating, while some don’t. This anti-microbial coating helps prevent bacteria’s growth on the splash guard’s bottom side, which also prevents it from smelling.

Due to the vast number of differences, the splash guards of garbage disposals are not necessarily compatible with each other, and so they are not universal.

How to replace the splash guard on the InSinkErator garbage disposal

The splash guards on many InSinkErator garbage disposal models can be replaced only after disconnecting it from the sink. Here is a step by step process for doing this;

  1. Unplug the garbage disposal to avoid any chance of electrocution. If your garbage disposal is hardwired to the mains turn off the circuit breaker.
  2. Get under the kitchen sink, and disconnect the garbage disposal from the sink by rotating the locking mechanism of its 3-bolt assembly in the counter clock direction. You do not have to disconnect the drainpipes or the dishwasher hose to do this. But ensure that the drainpipes are not damaged.
  3. Rest the garbage disposal on a stool or any form of support so its weight won’t break drain pipes.
  4. Pull out the splash guard and replace it with a new one.
  5. Reconnect the garbage disposal to the sink using the 3-bolt mount lock.
  6. Plugin the power cord and run the garbage disposal with plenty of water to check for leaks.
Replacing splash giard on InSinkErator

How to remove a Waste King garbage disposal splash guard

Removing the splash guard of a Waste King garbage disposal is simple; just pull it out. Since it is so simple, there are no how-to videos showing it. So given below is a video where a guy cleans his Whirlpool garbage disposal. I put the starting point of the video to where he pulls out the splash guard.

Best garbage disposal splash guards

Here I am listing the best splash guards for different types of garbage disposals. All of them costs less than $10 so do not hesitate to replace your splash guard if it is too dirty or worn out.

Cleesink splash guard

Cleesink splash guard is suitable for all garbage disposals made by Waste King, Whirlpool, GE and other models that uses EZ-mounts. It is 3.125 inches in diameter and 0.5 inches in thickness. It is made of high quality, corrosion resistant material and easily cleanable.

Tezoro splash guard

This splash guard is made by Tezoro to suit all garbage disposal models by InSinkErator, SinkMaster, and some GE models. It is 3.25 inches in diameter. The design of this splash guard is the same as that of QuietCollar sink baffles that come with InSinkErator Evolution garbage disposal models. It helps to insulate noise from the garbage disposal.

Essential Values splash guard

This splash guard is compatible with Badger and other InSinkErator garbage disposals that have non-removable splash guards. It is 3.25 inches in width and made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant rubber. It is also compatible with Kohler,Moen and other garage disposal models that use a 3-bolt mounting assembly.

However, this splash guard is not compatible with Waste King disposals that use a 3-bolt assembly. The right one for them is the Cleesink splash guard listed above.

Does sink drains slow with garbage disposal splash guard

Sometimes your disposal’s splash guard causes the sink to drain slow. This is because the fins of the splash guard are too hard. This happens when the splash guard is brand new. But they will soften up after some time. One thing you can do is pour hot water over the splash guard; this will reduce its rigidness. Another thing you can do is making the splash guard’s hole a little wider. But making it too wide can cause water and food waste to splash out of the garbage disposal. You can also try bending its fins to and fro; this may open them wider and let the water drain easier.

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