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Moen vs InSinkErator: Why InSinkErator Is A Better Choice

Garbage disposals are awesome machines that grind food wastes into pulp. Since they are very popular in the USA there are many companies manufacturing them both inside and outside the country. Two such brands are InSinkErator and Moen. But which of them make better garbage disposals? Let’s see how they fare with each other.

InSinkErator is considered a better brand by most plumbers. This brand has been in the market for a long time and they are one of the giants in the Industry. On the other hand, Moen is a relatively new player.

Why do plumbers favor InSinkErator over Moen? I think the main reason is that InSinkErator is a more trusted brand ie, it is more familiar with the installers since it has been in the market for a long time.

The garbage disposals by both brands have their own pros and cons. Let me do a head-to-head comparison of all the common ups and downs of their products here.

Moen GXS75C garbage disposal
A Moen garbage disposal
InSinkErator Evolution Excel garbage disposal
An InSinkErator disposal

Pros of InSinkErator garbage disposal models over Moen

Let me show you some of the benefits of InSinkErator garbage disposals over Moen ones.

Please note that this is a general comparison done between garbage disposal models of similar power and series by the two brands. Comparing a low-end model of one brand with a high-end model of the other doesn’t make any sense.

A relatively new brandLong term established brand and familiar with plumbers
Fewer models to choose fromHas more garbage disposal models
Fewer browsable customer reviews because it is a relatively new brandA larger number of customer reviews across many popular online platforms.
Fewer batch feed type models to choose fromMore batch feed models to choose from
Generally louder models than InSinkEratorGenerally quieter models than Moen
Single-stage grindingMulti-stage grinding in top-end models
Fewer features for top-end modelsMore number of features for top-end models
Plastic grinding chamberMetal grinding chamber
No hex holeHas a hex hole at the bottom for unjamming
Fewer compact modelsMore compact models
Pros of InSinkErator garbage disposal models over Moen

Here are some top-rated Moen and InSinkErator disposals;

Moen GXP33C
View on Amazon
InSinkErator Badger 1
View on Amazon
Moen GT50C
View on Amazon
InSinkErator Badger 5
View on Amazon
InSinkErator Evolution Compact
View on Amazon
Moen GX75C
View on Amazon
InSinkErator Evolution Excel
View on Amazon
Moen GX100C
View on Amazon

InSinkErator is more popular than Moen

As mentioned before Moen is a relatively new brand in garbage disposals. Therefore most plumbers are much more familiar with InSinkErator since they don’t like to take risks when suggesting a garbage disposal to their customers. This could be seen as the reason why there is a more positive vibe for InSinkErator than for Moen.

The same can be said for customer reviews across online marketplaces like HomeDepot and Amazon, and other online discussion platforms. If you go to Reddit, a popular online platform of which you surely have heard of, more people suggest InSinkErator over Moen which attributes to the above-said familiarity.

But if you go through online reviews (which are less) the product ratings for both brands are similar, so I am pretty sure quality-wise InSinkErator and Moen aren’t much different, it’s probably just the familiarity aspect of it that makes the difference. I mean, if you already know a product that works well, you don’t see the point of trying a different brand, do you?

InSinkErator has more garbage disposal models than Moen

At the time of writing this article, InSinkErator has over 20+ garbage disposal models while Moen has only 13 models. InSinkErator has a slight upper hand when it comes to the variety of options available. They have a Septic Assist model which is suitable to be used with septic tanks. Moen and other brands claim that their garbage disposals are suitable for any properly sized septic tanks. I am not sure who is correct but as far as I know, using a garbage disposer when you have a septic tank is a bad idea.

InSinkErator has two batch feed type garbage disposals while Moen has only one. If you are new to this, there are two types of garbage disposals based on feed type; continuous and batch feed. Continuous feed type disposals are to which you can add food wastes while running it. Batch feed disposals are those which are run only after you empty all your food wastes into it. They use a specially made magnetic cover to switch on and off the disposal. Continuous feed type models are more popular, however, if you are looking for a batch feed disposer InSinkErator has one more model than Moen.

InSinkErator is slightly quieter than Moen

This point is hard to establish. However, most forum discussions around the web opinion that InSinkErators are slightly quieter.

That being said, it is really hard to know unless one has installed and used all the disposals by both brands for a while, which I haven’t. Both brands use noise insulation on their top range models even though they are named under different technologies. InSinkErator goes one step beyond by using vibration-reducing parts in plumping. As vibrations constitute a good part of noise this could be one reason why InSinkErators are said to be more silent. Another reason is that DC induction motors are generally quieter and pleasing to hear than the permanent magnet motors used in Moen garbage disposals.

Even so, when it comes to non-premium models the noises from the disposals of both brands are more or less the same.

Top range InSinkErator models use multi-stage grinding

The premium garbage disposals of InSinkErator ie, those of the Evolution series, are all equipped with multi-stage grinding. This is a technology where the food wastes go under multiple stages of grinding. The resulting waste has finer food particles than that from a regular disposer. The advantage of finer food wastes is that they don’t cause clogs down the drain. Therefore these disposals can be used to grind fibrous items like celery which is not recommended in a normal disposer.

All Moen garbage disposals use single-stage grinding. Even though the higher cutting rate of their machines should grind the food wastes to a finer size, those with multi-stage grinding has an upper hand here.

Top InSinkErator models are feature-rich

When you compare the premium range of garbage disposals by Moen and InSinkErator, the latter ones have more features. Some of these features include Jam Sensor technology, Multi-Grinding technology, Sound Seal+ technology, and Automatic-Jam Sensor.

Even though Moen disposals have an equivalent of SoundSeal technology it is slightly inferior to the SoundSeal+. Moens disposals also do not have any other above-mentioned features of InSinkErators.

InSinkErator uses metal grinding chambers

InSinkErator garbage disposals have metal grinding chambers while Moen uses high-quality plastic. I really can’t say one is better than the other. While having a metallic grinding chamber does sound tough and rugged the plastic one used by Moen is also durable. It is this same plastic material that is used in other brands’ garbage disposals, a long before established brand whose products stood the test of time.

Both materials have their own pros and cons. Metal grinding chambers tend to rust and leak after a few years depending on the quality of their make and the material they use. Plastic grinding chambers can get holes in them if a fork or a nail accidentally falls into them. Premium models have Stainless Steel grinding chambers which are rust-proof.

In my opinion, it doesn’t make much difference whether the grinding chamber of a garbage disposal is metal or plastic, it doesn’t have any impact on its performance or durability. The units with metal grinding chambers weigh more and cost more though.

InSinkErator units have a hex hole

InSinkErator garbage disposals come with a hex hole in their bottom side while Moen units do not have any.

What is this hex hole for and why is it important?

A hex hole

Even if your garbage disposal is the best of the best it will jam at some point. To unjam it, irrespective of its brand, you will have to manually rotate its blades to make them free. This is easy to do when the disposal has a hex hole where you can use an Allen key to rotate the blades. But if a garbage disposal doesn’t have a hex hole one will have to use either a garbage disposal wrench or a mop handle to rotate the blades from the top. This is more difficult to do than the former method.

InSinkErator has more compact units

InSinkErator has more compact garbage disposals than Moen.

There is no clear definition of what a compact disposal is. So many brands claim that their disposals are compact in size irrespective of their sizes.

A garbage disposal is said to be compact if it has a short side profile ie, the height of the unit should be small. This is relevant since there can be a shortage of space under a sink either because the countertop is low or the sink is too deep. In such cases, a regular disposal is hard to install so people look specifically for shorter units.

Moen too has short garbage disposals but InSinkErator has shorter ones.

Pros of Moen garbage disposals over InSinkErator

Now let us see some of the pros of Moen models over those by InSinkErator.

Uses a high-speed permanent magnet type motor in all modelsUses a lower-speed induction motor in all models
High-speed cutting provides more cutting torque and jams lessLow cutting speeds but the DC motor provide comparable cutting torques. Chances of jams are avoided with Jam Sensor and Auto-Reverse technologies in high-end models
Has pre-installed power cord on all modelsThe customer has the option to choose a power cord for a higher price.
Costs less than comparable InSinkErator modelsCosts more
Removable splash guardsSplash guards can’t be removed without disconnecting the disposal from the sink
Disposals have a longer warrantyShorter warranty
Pros of Moen garbage disposals over InSinkErator

Moen uses high-speed motors

Moen garbage disposals use high-speed motors while InSinkErator units use low-speed motors. The average speed of a Moen unit is 2700 RPM while that of an InSinkErator unit is 1725 RPM. The difference between these two speeds is considerable. On low-end models, these high-speed motors grind food wastes to sizes smaller than low-speed motors can. But the top-end models of InSinkErator are equipped with technologies that can offer a better grind so this speed difference doesn’t make an impact on their performance.

Another benefit of having a high-speed motor is that it reduces jams. Since the cutting blades run faster they cut the food wastes at a higher rate than slower-moving blades. This avoids any chances of overloading the disposal and thus any jams.

Moen garbage disposals have pre-installed power cords

All garbage disposals by Moen come with pre-installed power cords while for those by InSinkErator power cords are optional. That means you will have to pay extra for a power cord in the latter case.

Well, this can be seen from another perspective too. InSinkErator claims that power cords are optional since the company doesn’t want customers to pay extra if they don’t need them. But with Moen one end up paying for it anyway.

The advantage of having a power cord is that it makes the installation way much easier. Just plug it into the socket and you are done with the electrical part of the installation.

If the power cord is not pre-installed that means you will have to open the bottom lid of the garbage disposal and mess with the electric wires, a task some people, like me, hate to do. I will absolutely pay for a pre-installed cord to avoid these hassles.

Moen garbage disposals are cheaper

Moen garbage disposals are cheaper when compared to InSinkErator units. The higher price of InSinkErators may be due to better brand value, metallic grinding chambers, and overall aesthetics. The inclusion of many technological features also attribute to the higher prices of top-end InSinkErator models when compared to those of Moen.

Undoubtedly, Moen garbage disposals offer the best value for money. They offer similar performance, noise insulation, warranty, and build quality for a lower price.

Moen has removable splash guards

Moen garbage disposals come with removable splash guards while the splash guards of InSinkErator units cannot be removed without disconnecting the disposer from the sink.

Splash guards are small, round, rubbery things placed on top of the garbage disposal. They prevent water from splashing back through the sinkhole while running the garbage disposal.

Even though both brands of garbage disposals use similar mounting systems their splash guards are installed differently. For Moen, the splash guard is placed from the top through the sinkhole after the whole installation. For InSinkErator, it is installed under the sink while mounting the disposal onto the sink drain.

The advantage of removable splash guards is that they are easier to clean. The underside of these splash guards will be full of ground food wastes which, if not cleaned, will rot creating smell and bacteria. With a removable splash guard, all you have to do is take it out and wash it. But when the splash guard is not removable the cleaning will be, without a doubt, difficult.

Moreover, splash guards will wear out after a while. Replacing a splash guard is pretty easy with Moen garbage disposals whereas for InSinkErator one will have to disconnect the whole unit from the sink.

In some rare cases, the removable splash guard can be loose and it will be pushed back when the garbage disposal runs. This is the only downside of a removable splash guard and it happens rarely.

Moen disposals have longer warranties

The warranty periods of Moen garbage disposals are longer than those of InSinkErator. This is especially true for low-end models. While a popular low-end model InSinkErator Badger 1 is covered under a one-year warranty the rival model Moen GXP33C is covered under a 5-year warranty. When it comes to the top-end models the difference in the warranty period gets shorter but still, Moen offers longer warranties.

At the time of writing this article, the longest warranty offered by Moen is 10 years, and it is the same for InSinkErator. Here is a table comparing the warranties of some popular disposal units from the two brands;

Model nameWarranty*
Moen GXP33C5 years
InSinkErator Badger 11 year
Moen GT50C5 years
InSinkErator Badger 53 years
Moen GX75C10 years
InSinkErator Evolution Compact8 years
Moen GX100C10 years
InSinkErator Evolution Excel10 years
Table comparing warranties of Moen and InSinkErator

*Data taken from Moen and InSinkErator websites

Similarities between Moen and InSinkErator garbage disposals

Enough with the differences between Moen and InSinkErator garbage disposals. Now let’s see some of the similarities between the two models.

They use 3-bolt mounts

Both InSinkErator and Moen garbage disposals use a 3-bolt assembly that is compatible with each other. They are not precisely the same; for the 3-bolt assembly of Moen, the splash guard is installed from the top of the sink while for InSinkErator disposal it is installed under the sink.

Noise insulation

Both Moen and InSinkErator garbage disposals come with noise insulation. The levels of insulation vary from model to model however both brands do well in making their products silent.

Size options

Both brands have units available in 1/3 HP, 1/2 HP, 3/4 HP, and 1 HP sizes. 1/2 and 3/4 HP ones are the most popular type.

Reset buttons

Reset buttons are used to reset the garbage disposal when it is overloaded. For Moen, the reset button is located at the bottom of the front-facing side, and for InSinkErator models, it is at their bottom face. Both are red in color and they do their job.


The installation of both Moen and InSinkErator garbage disposals is very similar. Check out the installation videos below for more details.

Moen garbage disposal installation

InSinkErator garbage disposal installation

My name is Thomas Anderson, and I have worked briefly as a plumber. Even though I am currently working on a different career path I still help out my friends and family with their plumbing issues. This is a hobby blog where I share my knowledge with the audience through random articles. Through this blog, I hope to address some common questions about garbage disposals.

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